29 August 2012

Dainty White Mouse

With the sheep imagery and talk of circulation, Purity Ring's "Fineshrine" calls to mind the song "Mignone Souris Blanche (Dainty White Mouse)" by Echo Lali on their La Valise aux Mille Voyages album (free download).

license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License


Pets need to be treated gently, don't they? Tiny pets need extra care.

Mignone souris blanche comme un flocon de neige
Tombée un beau dimanche d'une branche légère
Jolie flocon d'argent au museau si malin
Pourquoi as-tu si peur que je sens dans ma main?
Battre ton petit coeur
Mignone souris blanche légère comme la mousse
Je te cache dans ma manche, pour ne pas que tu tousses
Jolie plume fragile au museau si malin
Lorsque je te caline j'aime sentir dans ma main
Battre ton petit coeur

Dainty white mouse like a snowflake
Fallen on a beautiful Sunday onto a light branch
Pretty flake of silver with a sharp muzzle
Why do you have the fear that I feel in my hand?
The beating of your tiny heart
Dainty white mouse light as foam
I hide you in my sleeve, so you won't catch cold
Pretty fragile feather with a sharp muzzle
When I hold you, I love to feel in my hand
The beating of your tiny heart

photo from Interspecies Love