03 July 2012

A Summer Party

 Free Albums, Mixes, and Collections for a Summer Party

1. Summer Mix: Sound of Summer


More Free Summer Sounds

2. Duke Hugh - Beattape Summer 2010

"Beattape Summer 2010 is a collection of 18 moments that have been cooked down into short, sweet, thick and rich distillations of summer vibe and attitude that will warm you up when the chill sets in."
hip hop instrumentals

3. Kiko Dinucci, Juçara Marçal, Thiago França - Metá Metá

Oh wow! Yeah. The flute sounds like flying kites. Guitars, saxophone.
jazz, folk, Brazilian

4. Favors - Gums

five fun synthy songs
pop, electronic

5. Dum Dum Girls - selections on Epitonic

Rocking ladies from Los Angeles on Sub Pop Records
like: Blondie, Broadcast, The Go-Gos
garage, indie rock, shoegazer

6. Parallel Thought - Articulation

experimental hip hop, rap

7. Anitek - Mind Express

chill out, hip hop beats, trip hop, turntablism
like: Kid Koala

8. Hisko Detria - Static Raw Power Kraut

psych rock, drone, space rock, kraut rock, hard rock
"Hisko Detria is fresh psychedelic/ krautrock band from Finland. They play an instrumentally focused style of (lengthy) hypnotic grooves."

9. Hiroshima - Room88

hip hop beats, trip hop, turntablism

10. Krowne - Quantum Living

synth, electronica, hip hop beats
Album from Black Lantern Music stripped down and ready for breakdancing

11. The Womb - Intro

pop, electro, rock
28 diverse tracks in this collection

12. Various Artists - La bel's Friends

Friends of the La Bel Label
freak folk, electronic, electroacoustic

13. Goodbye Kumiko - My Wild Arms

power pop, indie rock, singer-songwriter
Pop foursome from Los Angeles I file between bouncy Muppet soundtracks and Apollo Sunshine

14. The Simple Carnival - Aliens EP

pop, singer-songwriter
Is that Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys?! A fun one on Happy Puppy Records that "sparkles with a late-seventies AM pop radio feel: sunshine pop-influenced harmonies, soaring melodies, tack piano, handclaps, and vintage keyboards"

15. Andrew Bird - selections on Epitonic

You know this fella, right? Folk-Rock, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Avant-Pop, 20th Century Composers, Experimental, Orchestral, Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Jazz, Lounge, Rock

16. Beach House - selections on Epitonic

Doesn't "Myth" sound like the Cocteau Twins?
"Based out of Baltimore, this dreamy, dynamic duo has shown promising success since their first release in 2006. Since then, Beach House has stayed true to their roots with their signature atmospheric sounds."

17. Various Artists - Beach Mix

Free Music Archive mix from Jason who writes, "The weather's so nice, I'm surely not the only one thinking about the beach. Enjoy a beach-themed mix featuring Ducktails, Beach House, Learning Music, The Simple Carnival, Malvery Skimmer, Future Islands, Martha and the Muffins, Thick Business, Glove Compartment, Gary Wilson, Dublin Duck Dispensary, Fallen Leaves, Pomegranates, Nineteen Eight Eight, Sun Araw, and Noveller!" Happy Summer!