30 June 2012

Successful Music Marketing Model

A collection of tracks downloaded from the old Epitonic site back in 1999-2003 recently popped up in a random mode playlist. When I went to the folder, I was surprised to find that we had purchased not just a couple of the full CDs of those free mp3s, but we had purchased EVERY one of the CDs promoted with those freebies. Epitonic was amazing that way. You could hear new music first there and find very specific types of music.

It is great that they have returned. The new Epitonic is a very different creature. It makes playing and downloading music super easy through playlist features.

Here are some of the artists that were featured on Oddio Overplay in those early Epitonic years and whose CDs appear in the Oddio Headquarters music library thanks to Epitonic.

+ Sahara Hotnights - This band of Swedish girls who grew up on all four corners of an intersection was such a favorite that we have pursued everything they have ever released. Think Joan Jett.

+ J Boogie - Yes, still hooked on San Francisco's own J. Boogie. His freebies on Epitonic turned on the Oddbots to Om Records, the finest in lounge.

+ The Cinematic Orchestra - These boys actually got the soul legend Fontella Bass ("Rescue Me") to perform on the free Epitonic track, and others. Love it! This is a Ninja Tune release. (see the video for "All That You Give")

+ King Kooba - Tell me, does it get any smoother than this? This is the sound of the first class jet set, baby. Fantastic!

+ Four Tet (see the crazy "No More Mosquitoes" video)

You are certain to find excitement for your ears at the new Epitonic!