07 July 2012

A Smile for Timbuctu

At Oddio Headquarters, we have a crush on the Italian group A Smile for Timbuctu. Members Cristiano Crisci, Simone Brillarelli, and Jonathan Calugi (graphic artist) are such great guys!

They were enthusiastic members of the origination of Kazoomzoom, the world's first netlabel for kids. They contributed a track to the first release, the Silly Songs compilation, and then an entire album, Our Corto Discorso. They also contributed a great deal of moral support and happy energy.

The music they created together was super bouncy electronica. Kids and grownups love to leap around to A Smile for Timbuctu songs. It is with great pleasure that we spread the news that the group is sharing three more albums on their own Bandcamp subsite:  two of their albums released on the Audio Aubergine label and their Brum LP.

You will also find more of their tracks at the Free Music Archive, including one named "Fresh Tomato" that makes us giggle.

Now on Bandcamp

On Kazoomzoom Netlabel

On Fresh yO! Netlabel and the FMA

genres: electronic, dance
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