06 July 2012

Red Wine and Surfing

Party People in a Can is the surf rock band of Pedro Costa, an associate of Portugal's incredible Stealing Orchestra. Featuring laidback songs about the beach, red wine, skateboarding, and surfing, the new album from Party People in a Can is well-timed for a summer release.

Costa somehow managed to capture that satisying summer evening feeling of the pure pleasure of an iced drink after an active day in the sun.

Party People in a Can claim Sesimbra as hometown, the seaside vacation city famous for its beaches, restaurants, and nightlife. This album has much the same relaxing effect as a day at the beach. Pour a glass and enjoy on this hot summer day. "Like Music Hall Dancers..." is a new summer anthem.

This album is available directly from You Are Not Stealing Records and from the Free Music Archive.

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