02 June 2010

Screamers, Fanfares, Overtures

Breathtaking feats of agility, strength, and acrobatics! Step right up and enjoy the sounds of the circus as performed by the Bensenville Municipal Band! Maestro Fred Lewis and his band take you to the big top to show you the clowns, the gravity-defying high wire act, and the ever popular sideshows!

This set of 25 circus pieces includes fanfares, overtures, and screamers. A screamer is a circus march, particularly an upbeat march intended to excite the audience during the show. Screamers were mostly composed in a 60-year period (1895 – 1955). Circuses were in need of music that would stir the audience into a frenzy.

This album might be well-suited to your audio and video projects, as it is shared with a Creative Commons Attribution license.


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