22 May 2010

Jet Set Lifestyle Soundtrack

Montréal artist Tortue Super Sonic (TSS) brings you his new sonic wave. This wave is generally downtempo, as you will hear on his album, NEOGROTESQUE. You can expect some variations in the mix, such as guitars, synthetic strings, and some interesting experimentation. You will hear a couple outer space themes, an Arab flavored track, a song for robots, and even some luxurious easy listening.

Overall, the vibe of this album is the airy soundtrack to a sophisticated, international, jet set lifestyle. This could easily be library music for scenes of luxury by the pool, space travel, cloak and dagger action. Tortue Super Sonic (TSS) will excite your cinematic imagination.

Enjoy the entire album, NEOGROTESQUE, on the FMA.

album license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 France License

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