27 May 2008

Please Help Michelle

Michelle is 26 years old.

Diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in February 2007, Michelle underwent chemotherapy for seven months but relapsed in May 2008. She now needs to find a bone marrow match to save her life. You could be that person.

What you can do to help Michelle or others like her.
The first step in becoming a hero requires a cheek swab and ten minutes of your time. If you are a match, the transplant can often be done entirely through the blood. We need to find a match for Michelle by June 21. The outcome is simple - someone lives because of your donation. You could be the one to save Michelle, or one of thousands of others like her.

Your generosity knows no bounds.
We cannot express in words our immense appreciation for everyone that has registered. Team Michelle has been working around the clock oraganizing bone marrow drives around the country to find Michelle a match. With each person that registers, we are one step closer to saving the life of someone in need. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

Michelle MaykinMichelle MaykinMichelle MaykinMichelle MaykinMichelle Maykin


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  1. Your readers might also be interested in Gift of Life, another bone marrow registry. They also host drives (so if you're looking for a donor drive, they would be another good source to track). In addition, though, they do a lot of work online to raise awareness -- since you've written about this on your blog before, I thought it would be of interest.


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