26 May 2008

Happy Puppy Shreds

news from Happy Puppy Records:

Happy Puppy Records has unleashed its inner guitar rock dog with the EP release of Shreds, Volume 1!

Inspired by the shredding videos posted by St. Sanders, I put out the call for shreds and boy, did we get some!

Featuring an all-star list of outsiders (and some new faces) like The Bran Flakes, Fudge, The Frost Heaves (aka Matt Love) Offwight Radiator, Monopole and the king of shreds, St. Sanders!

Everything from shredded kazoos, hoovers, electronica to good ol' electric guitars turned up to 11 are here in all their wanky glory. Nigel Tufnel would be proud.

This release is available for the first time in MP3 and FLAC formats for extra high-quality. Get it!

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