31 October 2007


Halloween at Oddio Overplay

An Evening with Zakir Hussain

Zakir Hussain is today appreciated both in the field of percussion and in the music world at large as an international phenomenon -- Moment Records

Here is "a rare up-close-and-personal evening with Indian tabla phenomenon and world-music trailblazer Zakir Hussain (bio). The percussion maestro plays and discusses some of his all-time favorite recordings and shares anecdotes from his long and storied career—from his early days studying with his father, the legendary Ravi Shankar accompanist Ustad Allarakha; to his membership with jazz guitarist John McLaughlin in the pioneering global-fusion band Shakti; to his Grammy-winning work with the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart in Planet Drum."

Part I: Zakir Hussain discusses studying under father Ustad Alla Rakha; improv in rock; his first public performances with Ali Akbar Khan, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Shivkumar Sharma

Part II: Zakir Hussain discusses supporting fellow Indian musicians; the chilla; influence of jazz on his personal style.

Part III: Zakir Hussain discusses working in Bollywood and the fusion of western and Indian musical styles; impact of hearing Blind Faith and Mahavishnu Orchestra

Part IV: Zakir Hussain discusses the SF Bay Area as a melting pot of world percussion styles and musicians; collaborating with Mickey Hart; composing and performing with John McLaughlin; practice ethic as a young musician

total time: 01:39:46 | brought to you by SFJazz

Also, in their biography of Zakir Hussain, DrummerWorld.com offers two mp3s of his work. The first is a live traditional complete tabla solo (10:39), and the second is a jazz piece with Steve Smith, George Brooks, Fareed Haque and Kai Eckhardt titled "Mad Tea Time" (3:48).



Busker Dial Up (Du) is a recording service for subway and street buskers (street performers). The service allows for buskers and spectators to call up and have the performance recorded. Busker Du will record 3 minutes of audio and hang-up the phone automatically. The audio recorded is then sent to the blog, which is also available as a Podcast as the sounds of the city from the street and underground that people recognize on their commute.

Audio recorded will be posted to the audio-blog and made available to all who cherish lo-fi original music. Try it out at your favorite subway station or street corner. 1 (646) 862-7829

Some of these recordings are enjoyable, and some are impressive.


30 October 2007

Tuesday's Dozen

Tuesday is a real good news day. Here you have a new set of 12 free and legal collections and CDs! Eat up and be sure to spread the love by supporting these artists!

CosmologicAmerican Chamber PlayersVictor Borge
"traverses the broad terrain of creative jazz and improvised music," hear tracks from their critically acclaimed albums
[free jazz, improv, modern comp]
American Chamber Players
"extraordinarily talented group, ...established standards of chamber music performance" -The Washington Post
[classical, chamber]
Victor Borge
old time radio collection of beloved, infamous humorist who employed the piano and classical music in bringing joy to the world
[humor, classical]
Skin Graft RecordsTim BarskyIl Maniscalco Maldestro
Skin Graft Records
you want some comics and noisy rock and roll? yes! enjoy the huge sampler this label provides to tempt you and make you want more more more [rock!]
Tim Barsky
you have to hear him to get the many facets of this unusual musician, playwright, beatboxer and storyteller
[varied, hip hop, folk, flute]
Il Maniscalco Maldestro
(The Evil Horseshoer?) Italian band of crazies with an evil marionette mascot shares discs
[rock, psych, gypsy]
Kleinhenz and Winter...Denis Lecarme - Les Enfants Sont M├ęchantsRadiant Musiek's Phonography
beautiful split release from 2 endearing acoustic indie acts from Göteborg, Sweden, Björn Kleinhenz and Winter Took His Life
[folk, indie pop]
Denis Lecarme - Les Enfants Sont Méchants
clever French singer- songwriter shares his superb CD in the grand chanson tradition with piano, violin and accordion
[France, chanson]
Radiant Musiek's Phonography
field recording repository extension of the Radiant Musiek online music collaborative site, member and visitor submissions
TimzenShareBetter Looking Records
Will Ivy shares his straight-forward rock release, produced by Lance Watts of Crankfarm
global network hosting jam events for laptop A/V artists, many cities have audio archive online, like SP, MB
[experi, electro]
Better Looking Records
Los Angeles record label providing a large sampling of its catalog
[indie pop, rock, folk]


MUTE, Men of No Words

MUTE - Pavement Politics Vol.1 is a new arrival today at Jamendo. You can download it there or get the oggs below. (myspace profile)

cover art
MUTE - Pavement Politics - 01 - Hay Fever (Sleepless Night)
MUTE - Pavement Politics - 02 - A Blue Hill Sunrise
MUTE - Pavement Politics - 03 - Brothers (version 4)
MUTE - Pavement Politics - 04 - The Flats (Streets in the Sky)
MUTE - Pavement Politics - 05 - Death by the Sword
MUTE - Pavement Politics - 06 - The Thief
MUTE - Pavement Politics - 07 - They Got What They Want
MUTE - Pavement Politics - 08 - Telescope 8
MUTE - Pavement Politics - 09 - Is It Too Late for Us All
MUTE - Pavement Politics - 10 - A Bloodly Death Smell (edit.1)
MUTE - Pavement Politics - 11 - I Was in Hell (It Took Me)
MUTE - Pavement Politics - 12 - TSP Meets El Primo

29 October 2007

13 Treats for Halloween!

image via: Neato Coolville

Hurray! It's the week of Halloween, and here are some fun links for you!

01. Twink, the toy piano band offers a new, chilling, eerie version of the theme from Rosemary's Baby at the bottom of his music page.

02. The Threshold People - Seven Legs from an Eight-Legged Beast
Skeletons! Monsters! Living Shadows that talk--and KILL!! The Threshold People are back, complete with seven new slabs of throbbing horrorbeat to give you the wim-wams!

Are you brave enough follow the trail of bones into the lair of The Threshold People? Then turn up the volume and turn out the lights...

The most electrifying album of the year! Hear it now--but don't hear it alone!

03. LibriVox's Horror Story Collection 001 recorded by various readers.
An occasional collection of 10 horror stories by various readers. We aim to unsettle you a little, to cut through the pink cushion of illusion that shields you from the horrible realities of life. Here are the walking dead, the fetid pools of slime, the howls in the night that you thought you had confined to your more unpleasant dreams. For more information or to volunteer, please visit librivox.org

04. The Haunting Hour
Enjoy 28 episodes of this classic old time radio horror series thanks to KIBM and the Internet Archive's Old Time Radio collection.

05. Doomed: Dark music for tortured souls
SomaFM has dedicated a station to spooky soundscapes and disturbing ambient. Check it out! [thanks to deusdiabolus for the news]

06. Don't miss Mad Monster Martini Party, Paul's Swank Halloween Cocktail Mix 2007!
Ok, last year my Music To Watch Ghouls By (Halloween Cocktail Party Mix) was quite popular, so I've decided to expand it this year with an even better selection of songs. Plenty of 1950s through early 1970s swing, easy listening, lounge, and sci-fi music to drink pumpkin martinis by.

07. In a similar vein, Java's Cosmic Halloween Special
YoYo Island's special guest DJ, Jason Croft, Java of Java's Bachelor Pad, has another "devilishly delightful show in for all the kreepy kats and kitties out in radio (and podcast) land." It's a lot of fun! Here's the site and the show mp3. The show runs 01:21, and is a 78.5 MB podcast. A must for the tiki, exotica, lounge set.

08. Mostly Ghostly, Scar Stuff, Monster Shindig

09. OuthouseRag also has another great pumpkin patch of Halloween links this year!

10. Printable Halloween monster masks from Yo Gabba Gabba!

11. Ultra cool pop culture blog Neato Coolville has gone all out and transformed into Neato Ghoulville!

12. You know that we fiends at Oddio Overplay have Halloween music for you, right?
Various Artists - Calling All Fiends
all original music
Halloween is meant to be scary, right? Year after year we dust off the old novelty records. While those oldies are fun, they not at all frightening. Oddio Overplay put the challenge to musical artists the world over to create Halloween music that is "frightening, damaging and disturbing." No "Monster Mash," instead creepy soundtracks to a fiendish Halloween. They succeeded with CALLING ALL FIENDS! Some of these pieces will creep you right out of your skin.

Martinibomb and the Coconut Monkeyrocket - Munster Beat!
three year favorite of DJs and party hosts to work it into their ghoulish mixes
Martinibomb and the Coconut Monkeyrocket join forces this scary season to bring you their spin on the theme of the Munsters television show!

Various Artists - Ghouls with Attitude!
Otis Fodder's crazy 2-CD set of kooky Halloween classics is back from the grave!

13. Making Fiends!! the fabulous web cartoon [background]

Will You Survive?


Thanks to Fudgeland! - Poor Fudge only has a 27% chance!

26 October 2007

The Gack Factory

The Gack Factory offer you a pleasant collection of instrumental and wordless vocals tunes. The kitchen utensils struck a chord with the Oddio House.

Gack Factory Orchestra - The Neon Album
"Keywords: post rock; acappella; gack factory; popular music"

Gack Factory Orchestra - Kitchen Sinfonia demos
"instrumentation: 2 ukuleles, corkscrew, various pots and pans, wooden and metal spoons, grater, tapped wine glasses, and tapped cups/mugs"

- Gack Factory Orchestra myspace profile
- Gack Factory label on myspace

cuts in overplay:

Gack Factory Orchestra - A Glowing, acapella wordless vocals

Gack Factory Orchestra - Kitchen Sinfonia, droning piece successively introducing kitchen items


23 October 2007

Tuesday's Dozen

Tuesday is a real good news day. Here you have a new set of 12 free and legal collections and CDs! Eat up and be sure to spread the love by supporting these artists!

We Are All Of ThisWinampFunny Music Project
Various Artists - We Are All Of This
another charming release from The Community Music Project, Carolina artists
[folk, Chile, Russia]
in addition to offering a cutting edge media player that is in constant development, they also provide free media
The Funny Music Project
top-notch novelty, "one of the best things to happen to funny music" -Dr. Demento
[novelty, parody, humor]
Various Artists - DecomposingXLR8RIron Chef of Music
Various Artists - Decomposing
a fan tribute CD to Galaxie 500 and Luna, more info
[shoegazer, indie pop]
music magazine shares mixes and mp3s of the artists interviewed and reviewed
Iron Chef of Music
participants are given samples around which to build songs, interesting results
[varied, collage, sample]
Chain Tape CollectiveStupido RecordsSlode Headquarters
Chain Tape Collective
mailing master tapes worldwide, 100 musicians adding own parts, 26 albums, 448 tracks + growing
Stupido Records
representing some of Finland's new greatest artists and offering audio downloads in the jukebox
[pop, rock, Finland]
Slode Headquarters
this DIY label in Finland shares tracks and entire records from their punk catalog
[punk, hardcore]
Cultural Foundation28 Days of RockAdd
Cultural Foundation
music collective in UK loosly based around reggae band Culture, but creating varied sorts of music
28 Days of Rock
February 2005, 28 days, "6 men, 168 songs, novelty eternally preserved"
[pop, rock, indie]
Jeffrey Fal, one prolific Song Fight participant, shares his releases and new material
[rock, pop, varied]


22 October 2007

New (Old) Shirley and Spinoza Offerings

Apologies for having disappeared dear listeners. The 24/7 stream is still currently silent while we search for a new home. As a reward for checking in here however - how about a few collections of vintage s&S ?

NEW ADDITIONS (Oct. 2007):
  • s&S Episode 23 (from 1993) - from the deep dark corners of the s&S audio cupboards…a 30 minute compilation of quickie segments from our days in a college closed circuit radio closet - put together in the spring o’ ‘93!
  • s&S Episode 24 (from 1994-5) - another half hour compilation of chaotic moments at FRB
Filed under:Semi-Bi-Quarterly, extras!, vintage s&S — s&S


17 October 2007

The New Winamp 5

What's New in Winamp 5.5?

* A Completely Redesigned Interface, including Album Art
* Multiple device support, including iPods
* Access and Share Your Music and Videos with Winamp Remote
* Play and Playlist the Best Music on the Web with Media Monitor
* Get Artist & Concert News, Videos & more with Smart Search
* Enjoy Dynamic Song Recommendations
* Experience MP3 Surround Sound Support
* Access to Thousands of Online Radio Stations, Videos and More!
* 50 FREE MP3 Music Downloads compliments of eMusic's 2-week Trial
* Auto-Tagger provides automatic updates to file information
* Control Winamp From Your Browser with the Winamp Toolbar

Shirley and Spinoza Radio Outage

Shirley and Spinoza Radio is a member of the Oddio Overplay blogging team. This month the radio server was lost. Being currently located in Xinjiang does not help matters. If you know of a server for this worthwhile radio station, please get in touch.

Shirley & Spinoza Radio

Dear Listeners,

Due to suddenly finding our radio stream homeless and in a bit of a scramble to change hosts, set up a new stream server, hem our solar-wind sails and blow the space debris from our compound-eyes, s&S Radio is currently OFF THE AIR until further notice.

We will hopefully have this remedied soon!!

In the meantime, please visit the s&S ARCHIVE.


Now Playing from the s&S ARCHIVE:

ROGC: “Under a Dim Crescent Moon” - part 2
live-mixed webcast of field recordings
running time: 2 hours
Playlist and Info Page Here
part 2 of a 2-show series (part 1 is located Here)
For most of 2003, I lived in the northwestern-most region of China officially known as:Xinjiang : Uyghur Autonomous Region and sometimes referred to by some as China’s “other, lesser known Tibet” for situational parallels.
I’d recieved a generous grant to document the folk music (as opposed to the classical muqam music) of the Turkic muslim cultures traditionally native to the region… focusing mainly on the largest group: the Uyghurs , but also including examples of Kazakh and Kyrgyz songs.
For this show, I live-mixed many of those field recordings, which while mostly consist of music, also include ambiences, pop & traditional music on cassettes & cd’s I picked up…and recordings of shortwave radio.
The field recorded music you hear was, with only a few exceptions, strictly performed by common folk (farmers, carpenters, (incl. mystics and beggars)) demonstrating something that’s very much a cultural part of everyday life. With east China’s ever accellerating blitzkrieg development of it’s west though, these cultural traditions are going up in smoke fast.
The recordings were done with head-worn binaural microphones - in yurts, homes, under grape trellises, in mud brick courtyards, orchards and in the streets of oasis towns in areas surrounding the expansive Taklamakan desert
Several of these recordings - in purer, more carefully curated form - will be released later this year on the fantastic Sublime Frequencies label. (!!!)

-(s of s&S)
Listen Now: Play in Popup | Download


16 October 2007

Tuesday's Dozen

Tuesday is a real good news day. Here you have a new set of 12 free and legal collections and CDs! Eat up and be sure to spread the love by supporting these musicians! Yeah!

Jivan GasparyanMichael PetersPine Leaf Boys
Jivan Gasparyan
Armenian musician and composer, known as the Master of the Duduk, instrument similar to oboe
[folk, woodwind, Armenia]
Michael Peters
composer, musician and phonographer working in the realm of new sounds shares his remarkable work
[field recordings, ambient, experi]
Pine Leaf Boys
young Cajun musicians from Louisiana playing authentic Cajun, Creole and zydeco music and adding own zest
[Cajun, zydeco]
Alligator RecordsState ShirtJosh Woodward
Alligator Records
the first name in blues promotion and preservation, Alligator Records now shares select tracks
State Shirt
one of Song Fight's many success stories, he has gone on to release some excellent music
[indie, electro]
Josh Woodward
gifted acoustic rock musician from Ohio shares his rock CDs in their entirety
[rock, folk, acoustic, indie pop]
FoolklegsunfoundsoundThe Madeira
Various Artists - Foolklegs
billed as "folkloric mashups," this irreverent 17-song release stirs in everything from Goran Bregovic and Peggy Lee to modern pop stars
[mashup, folk, pop, hip hop]
netlabel based in Europe and USA offering up catalog of fine dancefloor friendly recordings and collections of field recordings
[field recordings, electro]
The Madeira
"it is the surf music of the millennia-old Mediterranean mysteries," with Ivan, ex-Space Cossacks guitarist
[surf, instro rock]
Winchcombe Concert BrassInsectoramaVarious - Caligari
Winchcombe Concert Brass
performing since 1954, hailing from the borough of Winchcombe in the United Kingdom
[brass, classical]
compact minimal electronica label out of Leipzig, Germany
[minimal, techno, electro]
Various - Caligari
11 composers collaborated to produce 2 new soundtracks for the 1920 classic, watch the film with new soundtrack