29 October 2007

13 Treats for Halloween!

image via: Neato Coolville

Hurray! It's the week of Halloween, and here are some fun links for you!

01. Twink, the toy piano band offers a new, chilling, eerie version of the theme from Rosemary's Baby at the bottom of his music page.

02. The Threshold People - Seven Legs from an Eight-Legged Beast
Skeletons! Monsters! Living Shadows that talk--and KILL!! The Threshold People are back, complete with seven new slabs of throbbing horrorbeat to give you the wim-wams!

Are you brave enough follow the trail of bones into the lair of The Threshold People? Then turn up the volume and turn out the lights...

The most electrifying album of the year! Hear it now--but don't hear it alone!

03. LibriVox's Horror Story Collection 001 recorded by various readers.
An occasional collection of 10 horror stories by various readers. We aim to unsettle you a little, to cut through the pink cushion of illusion that shields you from the horrible realities of life. Here are the walking dead, the fetid pools of slime, the howls in the night that you thought you had confined to your more unpleasant dreams. For more information or to volunteer, please visit librivox.org

04. The Haunting Hour
Enjoy 28 episodes of this classic old time radio horror series thanks to KIBM and the Internet Archive's Old Time Radio collection.

05. Doomed: Dark music for tortured souls
SomaFM has dedicated a station to spooky soundscapes and disturbing ambient. Check it out! [thanks to deusdiabolus for the news]

06. Don't miss Mad Monster Martini Party, Paul's Swank Halloween Cocktail Mix 2007!
Ok, last year my Music To Watch Ghouls By (Halloween Cocktail Party Mix) was quite popular, so I've decided to expand it this year with an even better selection of songs. Plenty of 1950s through early 1970s swing, easy listening, lounge, and sci-fi music to drink pumpkin martinis by.

07. In a similar vein, Java's Cosmic Halloween Special
YoYo Island's special guest DJ, Jason Croft, Java of Java's Bachelor Pad, has another "devilishly delightful show in for all the kreepy kats and kitties out in radio (and podcast) land." It's a lot of fun! Here's the site and the show mp3. The show runs 01:21, and is a 78.5 MB podcast. A must for the tiki, exotica, lounge set.

08. Mostly Ghostly, Scar Stuff, Monster Shindig

09. OuthouseRag also has another great pumpkin patch of Halloween links this year!

10. Printable Halloween monster masks from Yo Gabba Gabba!

11. Ultra cool pop culture blog Neato Coolville has gone all out and transformed into Neato Ghoulville!

12. You know that we fiends at Oddio Overplay have Halloween music for you, right?
Various Artists - Calling All Fiends
all original music
Halloween is meant to be scary, right? Year after year we dust off the old novelty records. While those oldies are fun, they not at all frightening. Oddio Overplay put the challenge to musical artists the world over to create Halloween music that is "frightening, damaging and disturbing." No "Monster Mash," instead creepy soundtracks to a fiendish Halloween. They succeeded with CALLING ALL FIENDS! Some of these pieces will creep you right out of your skin.

Martinibomb and the Coconut Monkeyrocket - Munster Beat!
three year favorite of DJs and party hosts to work it into their ghoulish mixes
Martinibomb and the Coconut Monkeyrocket join forces this scary season to bring you their spin on the theme of the Munsters television show!

Various Artists - Ghouls with Attitude!
Otis Fodder's crazy 2-CD set of kooky Halloween classics is back from the grave!

13. Making Fiends!! the fabulous web cartoon [background]

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  1. Woo! Thank you for the link!

    We're off to download the Mad Monster Martini Party!

    Happy Halloween, and stay scary!


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