26 October 2007

The Gack Factory

The Gack Factory offer you a pleasant collection of instrumental and wordless vocals tunes. The kitchen utensils struck a chord with the Oddio House.

Gack Factory Orchestra - The Neon Album
"Keywords: post rock; acappella; gack factory; popular music"

Gack Factory Orchestra - Kitchen Sinfonia demos
"instrumentation: 2 ukuleles, corkscrew, various pots and pans, wooden and metal spoons, grater, tapped wine glasses, and tapped cups/mugs"

- Gack Factory Orchestra myspace profile
- Gack Factory label on myspace

cuts in overplay:

Gack Factory Orchestra - A Glowing, acapella wordless vocals

Gack Factory Orchestra - Kitchen Sinfonia, droning piece successively introducing kitchen items


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