10 December 2007

Silly Billy Van

Here is a real treat for you folks! Enjoy thanks to Frightenstein.com!

Billy Van, aka Count Frightenstein and born Billy Van Evera (1934-2003) was a Canadian comedian and actor. "The Hilarious House of Frightenstein" was a television program hosted by Van and created in 1971 at Channel 11 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The show ran in North America for 25 years. A total of 130 episodes were produced, and Van played most of the characters. The guy was funny. The Hilarious House of Frightenstein Tribute Site at Frightenstein.com has plenty of proof. This includes two full episodes of the show and - for we audiophiles - three releases of Billy Van's wit.

Additionally, Frightenstein.com shares the out-of-print, classic THE HAPPY MOOG LP [Harry Breuer and Jean Jacques Perrey] from budget label Pickwick Records. It featured the theme that was played during the opening and closing credits of the Frightenstein show, "March of the Martians" played entirely on a Moog synthesizer. For copyright reasons, the track "March of the Martians" has been removed from the tribute site. Keep your eyes open for this fun record.

More about THE HAPPY MOOG LP and other moog LPs:

+ from Dana Countryman, who is currently working on another release with Perrey, check out the first CD

+ from 317x.com, one of the first and best album galleries on the web

+ you can hear the missing "March of the Martians" behind the Darrell Sisters bizarre exercise routine The Sole Parade at the first 365 Days Project

+ for more about fun moog records, check out Hipwax.com's Hyp Records

+ you can find out-of-print moog records at Basic Hip Digital Gold

+ Raymondo's Dance-O-Rama shares info on and audio from great moog records


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