09 December 2007

Break-Up Song Contest Winners

The Chicago Public Radio's THIS AMERICAN LIFE program ran a song contest about breaking up.

Check out the Break-Up Song Contest winners.

For "Episode 339: Break-Up," TAL contributor Starlee Kine, along with musicians Joe McGinty and Julia Greenberg, wrote their own break-up song, "The Three of Us." The song changed dramatically depending on how it was mixed. Witness: the slower, sparer version we played in the show vs. a happier, poppier version. Julia's vocals are the same in both versions; it's just Joe's arrangement that changed.

So we thought it'd be cool to have a remix contest to see what you would do with the song. We also thought we'd be lucky to get a handful of entries. We got 129.

We'll post all 129 entries soon, and thanks to everyone who entered. You all rock!

photo: © P.Winberg


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