14 October 2007

Primate Playtime

Here are some more freely and legally shared mp3s to celebrate MONKEE WEEK AT LUXURIAMUSIC!!

:: Josh Woodward - 12 Monkeys [source, site]

:: Doug Carter - Charlie's Monkey (instrumental) [source]
:: Little Jonny and the Giants - Teenage Orangutan [site]

:: Soko - Monkey Magic [about the Japanese TV series Monkey; site; lyrics]
:: Chris Kubie (for 'One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest') - Capuchin Monkey (instrumental) [site]
:: Mick Karn - Venus Monkey (instrumental) [site]
:: The Ghost Monkey - Monkey Wards off the Juju [site, myspace]
:: Krushed and Sorted - King of the Swingers (King Louie from The Jungle Book) [Animal Chin remix] [source]

:: Caffe Corretto - Monkey (Italian) [site]
:: Happy Attack - Don't Steal My Monkey [site]
:: Johnny Dollar - Bad Monkey, No No Get Down! (instrumental) [site]
:: Kitty Contana - Funky Monkey [site]

:: Stephan Costa Trio w Ray Anderson - Monkey Talk (12:53) [site]
:: Stanton Moore - Spring Monkey (instrumental) [site, source]
:: Andrew McKenna - Magilla Gorilla (big band jazz arrangement for Paramount Parks) [site]

:: Rosemary Clooney - Little Red Monkey / Little Joe Worm [WHOLE RECORD] [source]
:: 808 Mistake (Optiganally Yours) - I Like Monkeys [myspace] LINK FIXED!

:: Frank Black Francis - Monkey Gone To Heaven [big fansite]
performs the classic without his band that made it a hit, The Pixies
:: Pig Unit - My Brother is a Monkey [site]
:: Lafe - Monkey Named Al [site, lyrics]
:: Marseille Figs - Me and My Monkey [site]
:: Deirdre O'Brien - Monkey and Me [source]
:: Tim Ellsworth and Maria Gandhi - He Got the Monkey [site]

:: Jan - Chemlab compilation - Monkey God [source]
:: No Fuzz - Monkeywrench (Foo Fighters cover) [site]
:: Change of Mind - (I'm Not Your) Monkey [site]
:: Pig Unit - Magic Monkey Juice [site]
:: Is It Jazz - Monkey Orangutan [site]
:: Shutterspeed - Good Little Monkey [site]

:: Eskimo - Clark's Monkey [site]
:: Hot Sauce Hangover - Monkey Monkey [site]
a very silly version of 'Louie Louie'

:: Monkeypiece Theatre, Jimmie Rodgers - Space Ship and the song 'Chimpanzee Ride' [source]
:: The Larry Glick Show (WBZ Radio, Boston) - Orangutan [site]
:: Tarzan and the Talking Gorillas [WHOLE RECORD] [source]
:: Edward, the Dignified Monkey [WHOLE RECORD] [source]
:: Marvin Miller - Sally the Runaway Monkey [WHOLE RECORD] [source]

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  1. I hope you don't mind if i add to your list (as a free legal download): "Monkey Movies" by my friend THIAZ ITCH , his latest album released a few weeks ago on french netlabel
    Bedroom Research. www.bedroomresearch.com
    "He gathered all the ingredients we like in funk, blues, breakbeat or early electronics and force them to have a big orgy full of all the fx trickery that his cpu can handle. Completely absurd and orgasmic. this soundfile gangbang will awake all your dying neurons."
    Thanks !


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