09 October 2007

Another Dozen Charms

Tuesday is a real good news day. Here you have a new set of 12 free and legal collections and CDs! Eat up!
Damon and NaomiBrasswork AgencyTrzaska i Ostrowski
Damon and Naomi
delicate dream pop, their former Galaxie 500 is credited as precursors to the shoegazer genre
[indie pop, folk, acid-folk]
Brasswork Agency
samples of Rostropovich performing Shostakovich cello all reworked into a loving tribute
[electro, collage, cello, classical]
Trzaska i Ostrowski
Polish avant composers share their entire Blades electronic acoustic jazz release
[jazz, electro, techno, mod comp]
electroreptilJamie Barnes - Paper Cranes
electro netlabel in Aachen, Germany offering a small but excellent collection of releases
[techno, dance, electro]
Jamie Barnes - Paper Cranes
5-song intimate and melancholic EP from singer- songwriter Barnes, see also his official site
[acoustic, folk]
the best source for some top names in 8bit music: Psilodump, Bit Shifter, GoTo80, Mesu Kasumai, Nullsleep, more
[8bit, techno, electro]
Free Sample ZoneTribute to Chenard Walcker
Free Sample Zone
longtime fave in Oddio Land, this netlabel is the brainchild of the cut-n-paste addict Chenard Walcker
[sampling, collage, jazz, hip hop]
Various Artists - A Tribute to Chenard Walcker
artists gathered at WM Recordings to send their love to the master cut-and-paste musical collage artist Chenard Walcker
Adult Swim
tunes from adult cartoon tv shows, including Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Harvey Birdman, Robot Chicken, Space Ghost, Brak Show and Squidbillies
Silly PillowsElectronica Unplugged
The Silly Pillows - Tomorrow Is Yesterday
upbeat EP from veteran 20+ year indie pop group from Pennsylvania
[indie pop]
Test Tube
is a Portuguese netlabel, focused on presenting new artists who are exploring new sounds. "We are not restricting ourserlves to any particular style"
Various Artists - Electronica Unplugged
"classical acoustic instruments... within context of contemporary music" matched with electronic bits. vol 1 and vol 2
[acoustic, electro]


  1. We do so love you guys over at Awesomeville (http://awesomeville.us). Getting a lot of mileage out of Calling All Fiends. Any chance of another one of those this year?

  2. Hey Mungo! This Halloween the Calling All Fiends crew is focusing on making our costumes and dreaming about candy. Maybe next year! Thanks for the good vibrations and thanks for for Awesomeville!


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