25 September 2007

Delicious Dozen

Tuesday is a real good news day. Here you have a new set of 12 free and legal collections and CDs! Eat up!

Freshly Squeezed3SacchettiJam On Productions
Freshly Squeezed
independent UK label evolved from seminal London club night, Club Montepulciano, shares previews
[lounge, cabaret, electro, burlesque]
3Sacchetti - Bora! Bora! Mr. Motto
Italian 3-piece present combo of vangard strings, jazz and post punk that defies simple categories, we simply love it
Jam On Productions
is synonymous with Newcleus and "Jam on It," the wicky wicky song of hip hop legend; enjoy their vaults
[hip hop, old school]
HarmfulFluNigel Simmons
killer rock band has toured with Slayer, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Clutch, No One Is Innocent, Unida, Machine Head, Iggy Pop, Unsane
[rock, hard rock]
Flu - No Flu do Mundo
from Brazil makes entertaining instro pop with surprises and energy (see also 1st release)
[pop, rock, jazz, turntablism, Brazil]
Nigel Simmons
gifted young composer, member of alt rock group Dweebish, (his myspace)
[pop, rock, instro, modern comp, soundtrack]
BinaerpilotProviant AudioOwltree
"money has corrupted so much in this world, life would be meaningless if it kills music as well"; robot sounds from Norway
Proviant Audio
Norwegian jazz drummer whiz kid's works are featured on The Aquavelvas netlabel
[jazz electro]
Tender Pecking release on Lo-Kiwi, "one of our finest releases ever... combines jazzy harmonies [and] ambient soundscapes"
[eletronica, downtempo]
Gore Gore GirlsThomas FiancetteSunbyrn
Gore Gore Girls
"Detroit garageists sound like the gum-popping, guitar-toting granddaughters of Chuck Berry and the Beach Boys" --USA Today
[garage, rock]
Thomas Fiancette
his CD Champ de Course is real-time recordings of drums, flute, clariflute and dreamy effects live in Pau, France
[experi, jazz, free jazz]
a favorite among the hip hop artists working at the awe inspiring audio project that is ccMixter (his myspace)
[hip hop, soul]

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