24 September 2007

Charlie Lewis

Charlie Lewis, 11-year veteran WFMU DJ, is wrapping up his WFMU career. Unless he decides to work a phone-in or prerecorded program into future schedules, Charlie's last WFMU show will be Monday, October 1, 2007 (next Monday).

For many of those 11 years, Charlie started the week with his Monday morning program. This lighthearted DJ made the coming workweek seem like cake, and to him I ever grateful. I remember finally being able to stream Charlie on the computer at work in 2002. It was a weird little player, remember? In years prior, I'd fumbled with knobs and antennae to try to tune into WFMU in steel and concrete corporate buildings.

("But, but, I don't want the corner office with a window. Thanks a bunch, maam and sirs, but I can only get WFMU in the cubicle by the elevators!")

Monday mornings will not be the same without Charlie's dry wit, casual style, tweaked out voice, spinning records backwords or at the wrong speed, droning over songs, flipping on the echo and all the other silliness that charmed listeners for all these years. He is a champ at blending old and new, mainstream and obscure. We are going to miss him, and hope that he keeps an active long-distance WFMU relationship.

All the best to Charlie and family in this exciting new chapter of their life!

:: Enjoy His Most Recent Shows:
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24 September 2007 | Penultimate
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17 September 2007 | The beat goes _______
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10 September 2007 | End left lane prohibition!
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03 September 2007 | Rushing in gradually
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:: Artists Charlie Has Played

:: Enjoy Some of His Recordings
Charlie at Comfort Stand

Charlie and Todd, age 12 (mp3)
(This makes my day every time it plays!)

Charlie Lewis - 4 Songs (also age 12)

Charlie Lewis with the Hoof & Mouth Sinfonia
(Do I dare tell you about his performace of a Leo Sayer tune for a fund drive?)


UPDATE: As of April 2008, Charlie is hosting a weekly radio show, entitled Busy Doing Nothing, from 2 to 4 pm (Eastern Time) on WVEW-LP, Brattleboro, Vermont -- 107.7 on the FM radio dial, and streaming online (link is good for Winamp and iTunes). He writes:

"If you were familiar with my radio show on WFMU, you can expect more of the same: a freeform conglomeration of sounds, songs, and digressions.... The title of the program comes from a song by the Beach Boys (really just Brian Wilson) called 'Busy Doin' Nothin'.'"

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