04 June 2007

Mike's Web Album Dumpster

Mike, aka M.Ace, the creator of ookworld, Observing Obscure Kulture, has compiled "a stack of free web albums tracking the scat trail of (his) life in music," and is calling it Mike's Web Album Dumpster. Don't be fooled by his typical self-denigration. There are some gems in this collection spanning four decades. (Mike also created several fun themes for the Oddio Overplay site.)

One of his projects that we are enjoying is his Tin Termites. He writes,"The Tin Termites were my designated rock instrumentals band. You get some surf, some twang, some hot rod, some 'heavy' rock, and some just plain odd hybrids. Bitchen music for building hot rod model kits by. And a crowning finale for my dear old Musicman Sabre II guitar, which was usually superseded by a series of Strats on recordings to follow."

When you check out this collection of releases, you'll be pleased to find how many genres are represented. M.Ace even shares his nifty accordian recordings which are a far cry from polkas! Thanks for the music, M.Ace!

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