05 June 2007

Free Bubbles from Happi Tyme

WOW! It is indeed happy time, girls and boys! Happi Tyme Records, formed by Otis Fodder and Mildred Pitt five years ago, has a new face. Happi Tyme is home to Pitt and Fodder bands Twizzle, Library Science and The Bran Flakes. Here's your chance to buy CDs of more music from these artists who already share music online for free. Yay!

To celebrate the new look at Happi Tyme Records those kind folks are sharing a free collection of tunes with the world from The Bran Flakes called Bubbles! It is very silly, bouncy and joyful. Enjoy!

:: Twizzle were popular favorites on the Comfort Stand netlabel where they shared their Soda Fountain EP. The big news with Twizzle is that they are preparing a CD for release on Happi Tyme Records later this month! In addition to the netlabel release, you can also enjoy Twizzle sounds on their MySpace page and soon on their official site.

:: Library Science has a dub flavor. They described their musicmaking process as "write a song, build the arrangements inside their recording machine, then 'dub the song out' by deconstructing, processing and mangling the music through effects and experiments." Check them out at their official website or on MySpace for an audio preview. Library Science has released two CDs on Happi Tyme Records.

:: The Bran Flakes "combine sound-collage with live instrumentation resulting in a beat oriented blend of exotica, easy listening, children's music and experimentation, often with a humorous effect." We've bought their CDs, and what fun they are! We are especially fond of the fabulous Bounces!, a Happi Tyme Records release. It runs neck and neck with our other favorite, the less polished I Don't Have a Friend. Their I Remember When I Break Down release is available for download at the Comfort Stand netlabel. Just as with the other bands, you can also enjoy their music at their fun official website and their MySpace page.

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