22 May 2007

Webjay Closing June 2007

Closing Announcement

"We are sorry to announce that Webjay will be closing its doors at the end of June, 2007. Please take this time to back up any playlists you want to keep. If you are using the XSPF Musicplayer, you may be able to keep it running. See below for instructions on moving the XSPF Musicplayer from Webjay to another host."

more: instructions for saving your playlists


  1. I hope the guys who created Webjay "cleaned up" when Yahoo bought them out.

    Webjay was a lot of fun, but since Yahoo took over, I had just lost interest. Not sure why.


  2. This has nothing at all to do with this post, which is sad, except that it's got some potentially helpful information, which is happy.

    While watching Frontline last night, I heard a snippet of the SS Kresge music as background to a "Move to Spokane" industrial film from, probably, the 1960s.

    There's little doubt in my mind that it's the same recording, so tracking down that film might yield some clues about the musicians and the song titles.

  3. I'll never forget that first time I saw WebJay. Wonderfully clear and simple--and loaded with musical discoveries. It was love at first playlist!


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