11 May 2007

Sublinear - Pinned Beneath the Boiling Sky

id=Sublinear - Pinned Beneath the Boiling Sky has just been released with rave reviews. Sublinear is John Eno, a self-taught experimental electronic music composer. He has composed the scores of three plays, Masque of the Red Death, Alice In Wonderland, and Amadeus, produced by Wandering Rom Players. He has also worked with the Pittsburgh experimental group Need. He currently lives in Portsmouth, New Hampsire, where he spends much of his time in a dark room, staring at a computer screen.

Sublinear was among the artists on Calling All Fiends, a scary Halloween compilation organized by OddioOverplay.com. Fans of that release will remember this work:

That piece has been reworked, and is included in the new 10 song Pinned Beneath the Boiling Sky. Described as gloomcore, trip-hop, nightmare, horror and orchestral, this release vividly reveals his experience as a score composer in disquieting, cinematic trip-hop arrangements.

The release is the latest offering from the free netlabel, This Plague of Dreaming whose stable of international artists includes The Threshold People (also on Calling All Fiends), Sypha Nadon, Harel Gal, To Repel Ghosts, [interrupt:Jumper] and [Esc.] Laboratory. Bravo to Sublinear and to This Plague of Dreaming. Well done!


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  1. This Plague of Dreaming thanks you!


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