27 October 2006

More Halloween Audio

:: September post of Halloween audio

:: JohnRozum.com and Senses Working Overtime are both running Halloween treats for every day of October!

:: brainsaw - Music for the Paranoid Schizophrenic is a dark, industrial record with serious leanings toward Halloween. Despite the titles relating to Cold War Soviet times, such as "Stalin's Will," "Proletariat," "Gulag (Welcome to Hell)", "Patriots Make Great Cannon Fodder" and "Death to the Enemies of the People," this could very easily be added to your Halloween mix

:: Pieces of Flair hosting their Zombie Song Off, wherein contributors submit thier own zombie tunes! [I'm a sucker for strings, so leaning towards the lxox track. Oh but the metal, and the live one, and the faux '80s. Glad I get to love them all and not choose just one.]

:: NEW! Royal Oakland Gramophone Company presents "Hallowe’eny E’en"
a 3.5 hour Halloween special
Filed under: collage, noise, electronic, improvisation, live-mix, experimental, spoken, holiday theme

:: NEW! Yewknee.com's mixes Songs For Spooks and Pure Terror

:: Paul's Rambling's has posted this year's Halloween lounge mix, Music to Watch Ghouls By. Beware of the pumpkin martini!

AND, my Halloween mix was not complete until: Ivan Hrvatska - Making Love to Halloween Night [via PanModal]

Bobby "Boris" Pickett's original "Monster Mash" and three other cuts from the record

Old Time Radio, longtime Oddio favorite, hosts Arch Oboler's Plays and many other old radio horror programs [Arch Oboler's Plays recommended by Mr. Boh of Baltimore]

Silence! Silence of the Lambs, the musical, with such titles as "Put the F**king Lotion in the Basket" and " In the Dark with a Maniac," seems spot on for Halloween terror.

Halloween Stomp features 27 tracks of jazz and big band dance music for a haunted house party. Provided by Wonderful Wonderblog.

Bride of Monster Mashup, wherein ghouls mix up Halloween classics, spooky strangeness and scary throat grabbers, is a available for download as separate tracks or as a full 80 minute mix.

Bonus CD is also available with the Bride of Monster Mashup

Scribblemonster and His Pals - A Monster Goes Rrraargh! is a fun song from FreeKidsMusic.com

Scar Stuff is THE place for Halloween recordings

Happy Halloween!

24 October 2006

Calling All Fiends

CALLING ALL FIENDS, a collection of frightening, damaging and disturbing music conjured up for Halloween, is now available at OddioOverplay.com.

Halloween is meant to be scary, right? Year after year we dust off the old, silly, novelty records. While they are fun, they not at all frightening. Oddio Overplay put the challenge to musical artists the world over to create Halloween music that is "frightening, damaging and disturbing." No "Monster Mash," instead creepy soundtracks to a fiendish Halloween. They succeeded with CALLING ALL FIENDS, two hours of original music! Some of these pieces will creep you right out of your skin.

featuring:  8m2stereo, [Not] Daniel Johnston (with Daniel Johnston), Brian and Harlan, Bureaucratica, Caühaüs, Click Click Click, Grant, Jeffrey Letterly, Lee Rosevere, Lenkei, Limonadiac, Mark Harvey, Mr. Fab and His Bag of Heads, Nigel Simmons, Pharmacom, Rain Station, Roymond, Shirley and Spinoza, Splogman, Stealing Orchestra, Sublinear, The DVDs, The Threshold People, The Waiters, Ton Rückert, Urban Inbreed, Weirdomusic, X-Tokyo-River-God

In 2010, this album was added to the Free Music Archive, so you can download with one click or embed a player like this.

09 October 2006

Airplanes Again or Calling All Punks

katya school daysIn the blur of airports and flights, I have been reflecting on music of my youth. Focused in on what was most important after losing most recordings in a flood this summer.

Kallie of WeirdoMusic.com said reassuringly that the new collection built from here forward would be the best, because it would be made up of only the best. Maybe he was on to something.

The rarities from my Ralph Records grunt days, the US East Coast punk band demos, my own noise with friends, all those cool little things are hard or more often impossible to replace. However, the things that can be replaced will be loved all the more, I'd wager.

The lost music of your youth might be out there, too. The old desert island disc scenario: what recordings would you want with you, if you were forever stranded? Even stranded in an airport.

07 October 2006

Zloty Dawai - Dada Work Chant

released 7 october 2006
WM050: Zloty Dawai - Dada Work Chant
"Take your seat and have another journey into the weird accoustic world of Zloty Dawai. Is it Free Jazz? Is it Noise? The Zloties don’t give a damn. The five guys from Cologne just recorded this one in 4 different takes directly on CD. Totally improvised - no overdubs – no censorship."

released 7 may 2005
WM014: Zloty Dawai - Teleopsis belzebuth
"Cologne-based improv-musicians try to do the impossible: to let go! To forget about their 60's to 90's influences as the independent music-addicts they were and try to do their own sound. Someone said 'Modern Free-Jazz'. Someone said 'Soundtrack-Scores'.

"Fact is: It's totally improvised, uncensored, no overdubs. It´s done directly on CD. So go ahead and just blow your cool!"

02 October 2006

Cover Art and Record Collections

Below are fantastic sites featuring collections of recordings, sheet music covers, discographies, or album cover art. Know any others that should be included?

  1. 100 Years of Exotica by In Hi-Fi
  2. 317X - Hip Album Covers
  3. 45s Artwork - NoRelevance
  4. 78s, Acetates, and Weird Records
  5. Both Sides Now
  6. Audio Obstacle Course
  7. Bizarre Record Covers
  8. Blaxploitation.com
  9. Both Sides Now Label Discographies
  10. CBS Late Show Record Collection
  11. A Child's Garden of Record Labels
  12. Cocktail Music for Robots - LP Cover Gallery c1959
  13. Cover Heaven
  14. Dana's Virtual Museum of Unusual LP Cover Art
  15. Demonfuzz Records
  16. e l e n c o cover gallery
  17. Fidelitarium album covers
  18. Jim Flora Gallery (Record Cover Artist)
  19. Hillsdale Record Co.
  20. Hip Surgery Music Guide Links to More Album Art
  21. The Internet Museum of Flexi - Cardboard - Oddity Records
  22. Kini's Collection (Exotica and Space Pop)
  23. K-Tel Classics
  24. Retro Cocktail Hour Cover Gallery
  25. Frank's Vinyl Museum The Internet Home of Weird Records
  26. Gilstrap It Crawled From the Bins
  27. It's All Under The Hat!
  28. Mercury Records Collection
  29. Oddity Records
  30. The Perfect Square Foot
  31. Psychedelic Records
  32. Radio Bastet LP Cover Gallery
  33. Rato Records
  34. Raymondo's Dance-o-rama
  35. Retroplanet
  36. Sabadabada Brazilian Records
  37. Sex! Drugs! Rock'n'roll!... and some record covers.
  38. Show and Tell Music
  39. Space Age Pop A Go Go
  40. Ted Staunton's 78 rpm Label Collection
  41. Templeton Sheet Music Collection
  42. Tralfaz Album Cover Art Gallery
  43. Vinyl Rescue Mission

This is from Oddio Overplay Links. Sites you recommend will be added to the list.