09 October 2006

Airplanes Again or Calling All Punks

katya school daysIn the blur of airports and flights, I have been reflecting on music of my youth. Focused in on what was most important after losing most recordings in a flood this summer.

Kallie of WeirdoMusic.com said reassuringly that the new collection built from here forward would be the best, because it would be made up of only the best. Maybe he was on to something.

The rarities from my Ralph Records grunt days, the US East Coast punk band demos, my own noise with friends, all those cool little things are hard or more often impossible to replace. However, the things that can be replaced will be loved all the more, I'd wager.

The lost music of your youth might be out there, too. The old desert island disc scenario: what recordings would you want with you, if you were forever stranded? Even stranded in an airport.

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