29 August 2006

Mystery Audio Challenge

Mystery Tracks from the Theater of the Living Arts. Sometime in the early 80's, my friend Dan and his pal Randy inherited a bunch of real-to-reel tapes from the attic of the TLA in Philly. They had a friend that worked there when they were remodeling. Dan thinks Randy still has the tapes, but he had copied a few choice tracks to cassette. He was hoping that oddio friends might be able to identify them.

Are we up to the challenge? Go get 'em!


28 August 2006

Comments [not always on top]

This post is an area for those who wish to promote their free and legal music projects or to talk Oddio Overplay junk until the site is back in full swing. For the latest news, you can check the comments for this post.

16 August 2006

Having a Happy Summer?

Said I'd see you at the end of Summer, but I am checking in a little early. M-I-C-K-E-Y. Y? Because I like you!


Jack Fetterman and Peter Principle present QUIET CITY on Luxuriamusic.com this and every third Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST. Replays air the first Saturday the following month at 5:30 PM EST.

This week's show is the Luxuriamusic.com debut of DJ Sharaabi Kapoor Cult Bollywood and Sitar Beat connoisseur

Wednesday Schedule PST on Luxuria:
17:00 Quiet City: Radio In Hi-Fi (2:00)
20:00 Carl Howard's Space Patrol (1:00)
21:00 The Lounge King Show (1:00)

CURRENT LOVE: Shellac Shanty 78s, especially

George Olsen & His Orch (v Judith Blair) - I've Got A Walkie Talkie
Carson Robison - Life Gits Tee-Jus Don't It
Evelyn Knight & The Stardusters - A Little Bird Told Me