26 February 2006

New or Improved

» various - dumb, portishead remixed (bittorrent)
heard about it from dj matt hite who did track three

» opera for everyone - four free cds
stanford's opera web site has four free cds for download introducing and explaining four of the great operas. there is also a pdf with all the cd booklets and more info.

katya said to tell you about those two a while back. in other news you got...

big city orchestra - signals and code - [umb047]
a new release on the umbrella noize collective from the prolific big city orchestra found via member nina's blog
bonus: listenhear excerpts from their CD released on Entr'acte available now

julie christine brown - coloratura classics
found through oddio overplay. it has since been remastered. coloratura is a difficult, flowery, operatic style although julie makes it sound easy

» pieces from mike fabio
sound designer, engineer, composer, musician

» che guevara songs
comrade katya told me about the soviet music collection at sovmusic.ru but neglected to say there was a collection of songs dedicated to che guevara

» gHacks - how to live without the music industry
list of free music resources. i saw oddio overplay mentioned here and it made me go ahead and post my first post. dig?

25 February 2006

Revolution Void - Increase the Dosage

Revolution Void - Increase the Dosage
Released: April 4, 2004
Genre: Electronic Breakbeat Jazz
artist site with downloads
"Full-length release from Revolution Void, mixing electronic music with jazz improvisation. Increase the Dosage traverses through down- to mid-tempo breakbeat styles, all the while featuring jazz solos by notables such as Matthew Garrison (Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul) and Seamus Blake (Mingus Big Band, Kurt Rosenwinkel).
Via: Internet Archive

18 February 2006

WM Recordings Does It Again!

Just posted this week on Oddio Daily Downloads about how quickly WM Recordings has been releasing and here is yet another!

New release available now:

WM038: Mellsch - Mellsch

Summer had passed when poet Ruud Linssen and three musicians came together to see what they could do. In winter the quartet released their first album of music and poetry under the flag of Mellsch.

These recordings were made at guitarist Marcel Jansen's retreat, an ancient farmhouse in the windswept marshlands of Waldfeucht on the German-Dutch border. There the work of Mellsch emerged over a long autumn weekend. Centuries-old shingles on the farmhouse roof rattled as Jansen, Linssen, Bego (keyboards), and Tobias Beuving (soundscapes) challenged and inspired each other to make something new. Now for the first time, the music and poetry of Mellsch is available for listening in any season.

best wishes,
Marco Kalnenek
WM Recordings

As posted on Oddio Daily Downloads
February 14, 2006

WM Recordings shares 3 recordings within days of one another

We have not reached the middle of the month and Weirdomusic's netlabel, WM Recordings, has already released three new recordings!

WM037: D'r Sjaak - Schijnheiligen
WM036: D'r Sjaak - En toch wakker
WM035: Bacco Baccanels - Bollate centro

more recordings

* Posted on: Tue, Feb 14 2006 12:06 AM

13 February 2006

With Mixed Emotions

As hinted to for months, facing a temporary break from the site, the blog, and the scene. I will miss the online music community terribly. The routines of checking in for and enjoying radio programs, netlabel releases, sound blogs, groups, podcasts, and all the other sources of sounds seem difficult to break. Parting from the mailing lists is difficult enough! I've met such amazing and friendly people, real keepers, and exchanged so much information about whole worlds of music.

Oddio Overplay has been a guilty pleasure. Working to be a better scientist and active community member working to better the world should come first. I refused interviews explaining that it was just a hobby. I have regrets about some of those now, jeez. The site used to be far more faceless and secretive. I was too serious to take this "silly little site" seriously, even when it was peaking at 80,000 unique visitors a day. Today it draws about 8,000 a week, and even that number blows my mind!

It will be impossible to review everything that will be posted in my absence, as the scene has grown exponentially. First came the free webhosts, then the blogs, now these free storage services. There is such a glut. Who can keep up anymore? Shawn of the Thirty Spokes Converge blog addressed his free music overload recently. I responded with a long rambling reply touching on related issues. I'd love to read your thoughts, as well.

While away from computers and records, I'll still have CD-Rs of free and legal downloads. All those downloads that passed though my machines are cataloged and ready for the proper listening attention some of them really deserve. Have you taken breaks to focus on the wealth of listening you already have? Several have spoken about their breaks from P2P and mailing lists, but what about clean breaks from audio download? Do you hear about this happening much right now? Too much consuming, need to produce instead? Or even to just digest?

So it is with mixed emotions that I finally step away for a month or two or more. I'll miss the online music community, but I'll get to really enjoy these amassed recordings. Until we meet again, I wish you well. Here's hoping 2006 brings you joy and health!

Your Friend,

12 February 2006

Shirley and Spinoza Valentine

[download archived show]

Some Damn Intern:
Romance & Intimacy EXPO 2006!!!

the intern will simply be spinning & sprinkling sugary music and sounds for all the fermented-berry drunk love-birds out there....
** email to reserve a slow-dance with Some Damn Intern on s&S!

tune in at: 8pm [Pacific] / 11pm [Eastern]

12 am Brazil/Argentina
4am UK
5am W. Europe
6am E. Europe
12pm W. Australia
3pm E. Australia
(wishful thinking)
past archives are available in HiFi versions as well as LoFi versions
- live-s&S webcasts TO GO!!!
Feb 19th: NBC presents an Introduction to Cringe Core

06 February 2006

Radio Zwolle Klassiek - Mozart Show [2006.02.05]

Everyone's favorite Dutch music teacher, Splogman Jan Turkenburg, creator of 52 Weeks and SPLUSP also has a radio show on Radio Zwolle, The Netherlands. Jan presents a two hour program the first sunday of each month. Archived copies of his shows are available for a month in the archives
(scroll down to the desired date, and look for Radio Zwolle Klassiek)

Show for 2006.02.05 Celebrating Mozart's 250th Birthday
download show part 1 - download show part 2

05 February 2006

Ub Radio - Musical Chairs

Ub Radio features Big City Orchestra members and special San Francisco bay area musical guests. Ub Radio is LIVE tonight and every first Sunday night of every month on Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio

1. Each musician will bring an
instrument that everyone can play.

2. When DJ Footstool plays the theme
music, the musicians will get up
and circle the table.

3. When the theme music stops playing,
the musicians will sit in the closest
chair & play that instrument!

8pm Pacific Time (Oakland)
11pm Eastern Time
12am Brazil/Argentina
5am W. Europe
6am E. Europe
4am UK
9am W. Australia
11am E. Australia

Tune in to Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio now!