12 February 2006

Shirley and Spinoza Valentine

[download archived show]

Some Damn Intern:
Romance & Intimacy EXPO 2006!!!

the intern will simply be spinning & sprinkling sugary music and sounds for all the fermented-berry drunk love-birds out there....
** email to reserve a slow-dance with Some Damn Intern on s&S!

tune in at: 8pm [Pacific] / 11pm [Eastern]

12 am Brazil/Argentina
4am UK
5am W. Europe
6am E. Europe
12pm W. Australia
3pm E. Australia
(wishful thinking)
past archives are available in HiFi versions as well as LoFi versions
- live-s&S webcasts TO GO!!!
Feb 19th: NBC presents an Introduction to Cringe Core


  1. (((Serge and Grisha))) say

    What the hell ARE those things? That is the weirdest looking Valentine. Creepy, but cool. What ARE they? !!!

  2. Water chestnut seed pods. Look like water buffalo, right? There is a different variety floating in the Hudson River. Look for them when you are up in Westchester sometime. Those in the photo are from the "Mystic Orient." Lovely things.

    * Non-Natives: The Hudson is a river on the West of New York City that comes all the way down from Vermont to meet the Atlantic Ocean. I have lived along it from the Bronx to Dutchess County. Westchester, my second home, is the county north of NYC. It is gorgeous - urban and rural all wrapped together. I love it.


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