13 February 2006

With Mixed Emotions

As hinted to for months, facing a temporary break from the site, the blog, and the scene. I will miss the online music community terribly. The routines of checking in for and enjoying radio programs, netlabel releases, sound blogs, groups, podcasts, and all the other sources of sounds seem difficult to break. Parting from the mailing lists is difficult enough! I've met such amazing and friendly people, real keepers, and exchanged so much information about whole worlds of music.

Oddio Overplay has been a guilty pleasure. Working to be a better scientist and active community member working to better the world should come first. I refused interviews explaining that it was just a hobby. I have regrets about some of those now, jeez. The site used to be far more faceless and secretive. I was too serious to take this "silly little site" seriously, even when it was peaking at 80,000 unique visitors a day. Today it draws about 8,000 a week, and even that number blows my mind!

It will be impossible to review everything that will be posted in my absence, as the scene has grown exponentially. First came the free webhosts, then the blogs, now these free storage services. There is such a glut. Who can keep up anymore? Shawn of the Thirty Spokes Converge blog addressed his free music overload recently. I responded with a long rambling reply touching on related issues. I'd love to read your thoughts, as well.

While away from computers and records, I'll still have CD-Rs of free and legal downloads. All those downloads that passed though my machines are cataloged and ready for the proper listening attention some of them really deserve. Have you taken breaks to focus on the wealth of listening you already have? Several have spoken about their breaks from P2P and mailing lists, but what about clean breaks from audio download? Do you hear about this happening much right now? Too much consuming, need to produce instead? Or even to just digest?

So it is with mixed emotions that I finally step away for a month or two or more. I'll miss the online music community, but I'll get to really enjoy these amassed recordings. Until we meet again, I wish you well. Here's hoping 2006 brings you joy and health!

Your Friend,


  1. I read these letters of goodbye so often with blogs now. The thrill is gone and people go to new projects. You letter makes me happy because you are coming back. When you were really active in the late 1990s and the beginning of this decade I thought there was no stopping you. The last two years have been slower but you will come back in full force, I know it.

    Thank you for all the info, links, music and friendliness you have shared on the web. People like you are why people like me love the Internet! Enjoy your move to the new planet and hurry back girl!

  2. Cindy, that netlabel looks to be gone.

    (((Serge and Grisha )))) say

    Are you still talking? Get that little ass out to the sunshine already! Wear those fancy heels and paint those toenails. Don those miniskirts and forget the snow. Shut up and go get happy! Then post lots of pictures of your tan little body in one of those string bikinis smiling and loving life. Even if you end up flat broke, you will be in the sun!

    kisses and hugs!

  3. Thank you, Cindy. What a sweet note.

    Serge, must you embarrass me? I'll send a postcard from the sun. As far as bathing suits go, here I am all wet in just a swimsuit and latex. The expression is perfect for this occassion, Serge. Jeez.

  4. Katya, thank you so much for the mention. Your comment on my blog was insightful and very sincere, and for that, I applaud you. I think we've been thinking about some of the same things lately, and are both coming to terms with the essential nature of online downloading.

    Like you, I've been withdrawing from the downloading world over time. Since the aforementioned post on my blog, I've been actively working to come to terms with the huge stockpile of music I've amassed over the years. I've nearly stopped DLing music entirely, and I've even been thinning my collection, a little bit at a time. Painful but necessary!

    Your goodbye letter reminds me of many, many similar messages that I've read over the years during my involvement in the punk and hardcore scene. I've seen countless bands, zines, and labels fold during their peak moments, simply because the people making them moved into new roles and new priorities. This is the reality of the creative world, and being truthful about your need to embrace this reality is something to be proud of.

    Oddio Overplay has been a wonderful place to discover tons of great music over the years, and your hard work will not be forgotten just because you're taking a break right now. Your support of independent music has been greatly appreciated. I wish you the best of luck and will think of you as I turn off my computer, grab my helmet, and go outside for a long bike ride in the sun! Here's to full and satisfying lives in the real world!

  5. Hi Katya,

    I've gone through a process of stripping down Web projects before, and I find it reinvigorating to tinker with smaller remains after a purge. Like leaving a self-made corporation to start up a small cherished storefront. I don't come across many women musicblogging, so I do hope you remain out here somewhere.

    I'm still maintaining my own music site after a few years, updating every month or so. I also took up running after 17 years of walking, so I guess my watchword for this year has been "longevity".

    Til later,

  6. Give me a break! Like the woman can stay away. Desert temptations aside, I know when those temps are up at 120, she will be a blogging fiend again. See you then Katya.

  7. Katya! What a great job you've done with oddio overplay all this time- you definitely deserve your much needed breaktime-- and enjoy the rewarding stuff that goes with putting forth so much good energy to share with the little community that's been created through your hard work. Stepping away from the screen to revitalize is not only important but essential-- I wish people would do it more often, but it's a rough balance. I admire the quality of what goes through oddio overplay- always have found great stuff here. Thanks so much and hope to find you back here sometime in the near future.

  8. Hi, katya, I was just listening to an Ugress piece (from one of your Webjay playlists), and I thought, what ever happened to that Katya girl?

    Lo, and behold it turns out you've been blogging behind my back. So I have 2 years of blogposts to catch up on. Horray!

    I've let several web projects run out and actually I'm in a similar point in my life where I have to shirk the less important tasks for the most important tasks. The good news is that websites are becoming easier to run and manage, and of course, you can give readers/listeners time to catch up with you! Robert


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