31 May 2006

Revolution Void - Effects of Elevation

revolution void, the music project of producer and jazz pianist Jonah Dempcy combines electronic music with live improvisation. The resulting beauty is best described as "electronic breakbeat jazz." An EP showcasing "Effects of Elevation" has been released featuring remixes by Citizen Prime and Sevenless. [ press release on AllAboutJazz ]

Fans will recall the tremendous Increase the Dosage CD which is also free for download on the official site. If you haven't experienced that release yet, do yourself a favor and check it right now. You cannot go wrong. [earlier Blogio post]

Full-length release from Revolution Void, mixing electronic music with jazz improvisation. Increase the Dosage traverses through down- to mid-tempo breakbeat styles, all the while featuring jazz solos by notables such as Matthew Garrison (Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul) and Seamus Blake (Mingus Big Band, Kurt Rosenwinkel). -- official site

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  1. (((( Grisha ))))02 June, 2006

    This is FABULICIOUS. How did I miss it before. This is one of those recordings that make you ask, "THIS is free?" You know, I mean really, this is top notch. Let's all take a moment to say, "Thank You, Internet! We love you!" Love you, too, katwoman, for sharing the knowledge.

    p.s. Is this guy single? Sure is cute.


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