25 February 2006

Revolution Void - Increase the Dosage

Revolution Void - Increase the Dosage
Released: April 4, 2004
Genre: Electronic Breakbeat Jazz
artist site with downloads
"Full-length release from Revolution Void, mixing electronic music with jazz improvisation. Increase the Dosage traverses through down- to mid-tempo breakbeat styles, all the while featuring jazz solos by notables such as Matthew Garrison (Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul) and Seamus Blake (Mingus Big Band, Kurt Rosenwinkel).
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Jimjim Chee said...

Several songs from this CD are in my breaking mix. This is a sweet freak. You going to post more soon?

Jonah Dempcy said...

Hey JimJim,

Glad you like the tunes!

I just released a single for 'Effects of Elevation' featuring remixes by Sevenless and Citizen Prime. I also have plans for a new full-length album sometime this year.

You can get the new single, as well as all future releases, from the Revolution Void homepage: www.revolutionvoid.com

Where can I hear your mix? Looking forward to it...

-Jonah Dempcy
Revolution Void