12 January 2006

Webjay Purchased by Yahoo!

has been acquired by Yahoo! Music

« per Lucas, creator of Webjay

« per Yahoo!

« some Webjay favorites

+ Bricolage - Extreme Lounge Terror Vol 1 [ Vol 2]

+ Penguin Picks - The Family

+ Seb - Seb's Picks

+ Lucas - Streak of Lean

+ Salish Sea - World Music

+ Hubjay - Compendium Musicalis

+ Kev - Agora

+ Chronkite - Audio Moonwaking

+ Sub Sessions - Dub

+ and I dig my Webjay playlists, too


  1. Hey Oddio Katya, hope you're doing well. Have you been able to use Webjay much lately? I was a big fan of the service, and I think Lucas did a fantastic job on it...I was even excited when the Yahoo deal was announced.

    But, the site has been so slow and buggy and broken over the last couple of months that it barely works for listening, never mind actually constructing new lists or properly maintaining old ones. Am I alone in this frustration?


  2. Hello j! Wow, seeing your name is a real blast from the past! Nice hearing from you! In all truth, no, I have not been creating playlists on Webjay recently. I've been out of the web loop. I do still stream playlists, and promoted one by chromegat yesterday. Sorry to read about the frustrating problems. What does Lucas say about it all? The community really seems to have changed, too.

    Hey everybody, check out Jeremy's playlists as headspacej on Webjay. He has audio and video playlists!


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