25 January 2006

Unearthed DJ Tricky Projects

DJ Tricky is dead. Well in name, at least. That DJ moved on to a different name and genre, but the Tricky work still remains. Recently, Tricky wrote from the grave about two projects now available online:

Here are some (hip hop) mixes... thousands upon thousands of records over months and months (years ago) went into making these. The mixes are very hip hop/old school oriented. [Many] have heard Cardboard Flava from 1994, but very few have heard the earlier tape from 1992, The Mixology.


Most of you know about my background in producing/dj'ing under the name DJ Tricky. Killed off the name in 1994 when I started to go in a different direction musically So the name Trick is Offically dead, but starting to archive some of the good crap here and over the years Cardboard Flava and other megamixes have been enjoyed.

And next up will be a project I was involved in from 1992-1993, "Black Mass" - Crazy Wacked out Satanic Metal International Hip Hop Project Band thing with old pals (assembling a double disc for download of it all) and will follow with some [hip hop] produced from 89-94.


[Friends and I got a real kick out of the Blackmass recordings! Twelve minutes of snoring even made us laugh. Blackmass got not only a group thumbs up, but started a massive hip hop old school flashback. Lots of fun!]


  1. Do I know this DJ? Is s/he from New York?


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