29 January 2006

The Time Has Come to Say Sayonara

Hi Friends and Readers,

At the tail end of a cross continental relocation. Hurray!

Leaving Oddio Overplay and its associated sites in limbo for a spell. Dot/Al might kick OddioOverplay.com into gear or even revamp it altogether, and the Tod pretty much runs the group already.

Not sure when I'll be back. You know how it goes. We all need breaks from the computers. New year, new location, new projects, new chapter. On to the next adventure for awhile! Yay! See you soon!



  1. Hurry back Katya ya'll be missed.

  2. (((Grisha says)))
    It is about time! You should have sent this note five months ago! Escape from New York and the Eastern European weather like your ancestors did girl. You belong in sunshine. See you online soon sunshine! You never do stay away long.

  3. hush, grish and sergei! katya belongs in the city with us. she blew us off on chinese new year in nyc to stay home and pack up her computer? come back home, katyana, at least for your birthday in two weeks.

  4. We can go to all your favorite places. We can see your favorite DJs, eat at your favorite restaurants, see your favorite people (Did I mention the DJs yet?), drink in your favorite bars, stumble home in the daylight. There will be your favorite food, too. CAKE! Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You (Are you fully tempted now?) Come and get your love from everyone.

    Elena and Aimee

    (Word Verification on your comments is terrible. Get Dot to fix that.)

  5. Xtabay, lucky down there enjoying summer, I'll see you online soon. Grisha, thanks for the warm wishes.

    As for you New York nuts, I didn't stand anybody up, and I'll probably see you soon. I mean, there will be cake, right? Melodramatic goofballs!

    Also, the word verification is great for security.

  6. Yo girlie. How can I get a chance to miss the site when the blog roll and the radio archives are more than enough every day? There are not enough years in my life for all this music.

    It will be nice when you are active again on the site, the group and the blog. Oh yea, and the MP34U.com site. Oh yea, and the new daily downloads. Hurry up and get moved already!

  7. much loveand blessings on youradventures


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