16 January 2006


So some of us were talking about jack radio format with its totally random song queues. One thing led to another, and we reported back the first ten tunes that appeared in a random playlist of all the music on our drives.

My first 10 [streaming m3u].

Can you guess some of them? I'll post answers later this week.

What 10 tunes turn up on your random playlist?


Here are the answers:

01. Kai Ewans - Scala Stomp
source: Jazz from Det Virtuelle Musikbibliotek

02. The Carrot Seed
source: KiddieRecords.com 2005 collection, The Carrot Seed

snippet 03. Rita Chao - Shake, Shake, Shake
source: Sixteen Candles, CD collection

snippet 04. Tokens - B'wanina (Pretty Girl) [1962]
produced by Hugo and Luigi
source: The Lion Sleeps Tonight, CD collection

snippet 05. TravelRecs Thai99 PAsong
source: Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio

snippet 06. Perry Como - Keep It Gay
source: the Tod at the Oddio Group

snippet 07. Wonder Woman Theme - 1975 Pilot Version
source: wonderland-site.com

snippet 08. Rare Earth - I Just Want To Celebrate (Mocean Worker remix)
source: Soul Sides blog

snippet 09. Everclear - Summerland (acoustic)
source: VA - The Dr. Martens-Capitol Records Music Sampler 1996, CD collection

snippet 10. Jazztronik - Cannibal Rock
source: Comfort Music

Thanks for the posts and email messages. It is fun to see what is playing on pals' machines.


  1. one is the wonder woman theme obviously, but what year? one is rare earth 'i just wanna celebrate', but remixed.

  2. (((Serg and Grisha))) say to you:
    1. Ada Jones - Red Head (1909) ((Internet Archive))
    2. Jon - Sasatteru (Stabbing) ((WFMU.org))
    3. Pilita - Algo Tonto ((Bellybongo.com))
    4. Desert Sessions - Powdered Wig Machine ((DessertSessions.com))
    5. Les Love & The Love Kids - Lets Get It On
    6. Sonny Lester - Salome ((Radio Bastet))
    7. Busta Rhymes - Touch It
    8. Jaga Jazzist - Stix Day ((JagaJazzist.com))
    9. Barry Gray - Captain Scarlet
    10.Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger
    (((All good? Right on it is!)))

  3. lovely site!
    taylor's library spat up these (out of 15000 songs):
    1. Real Cool Time - Debris'
    2. Angel Child - Bruce Haack
    3. Geek Show Pitch - Carny Fred Bloodgood
    4. Lonely Highway - Zoo Nee Voo
    5. Decades - Joy Division
    6. Fuga A Cavello - Ennio Morricone
    7. Do You Know The Way To San Jose? - Dionne Warwick
    8. So Far - Faust
    9. Piece By Piece - Slayer
    10. Baby How Long? - Howlin' Wolf

  4. It is all free and legal music found in your website. Really look! -M.Hintin (from Twilight)

    1. Laszlo Hortobagyi - %5B1998%5D Aeon 01.Paleorite (7:25)
    2. Lee Maddeford - cabriole (5:28)
    3. Lloyd Rodgers Group - On Matters of Consequence (12:02)
    4. Milieu - Smokestacks (3:13)
    5. Robert Everest/Beira Mar Brasil - Corcovado (2:20)
    6. Tim Ware Group - bisonette (4:08)
    7. Steadman - No Control (4:00)
    8. Balduin - Only (2:57)
    9. Misty Rowe - Young Heart Attack (4:26)
    10. enLounge - Morning Espresso (5:47)

  5. See? Jack is whack, right? Crazy! Even freeform tends to have a method to madness. Jon and Pilita in line together? Dionne Warwick, Faust, Slayer?! What a lineup!

    When I was a kid, a DJ came to my elementary school. All classes gathered in the cafeteria and learned about key transitions, queuing and crossfading. It made a big impression. I respect real disc jockeys and don't want to replace them.

    Even though so much radio is canned now, at least there is someone programming it. Several studies have shown that brains tend to respond well to smooth sound transitions. I'm the first one to say, "They just followed that song with THIS song?!"

    That being said, random play works well with oddio like on Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio, doesn't it?

    Cheers to radio programmers and disc jockeys!

  6. Comfort Music also hosts Comfort Radio, which is an extremely eclectic mix of stuff thrown together in a blender of goodness. this is what i would always listen to if my nomad held 120+ gigs. Last 10 songs on the station:

    john arnold - geminade
    UNKLE - Chaos
    Space Ghost - Zorak's Blues
    seatbelts - rain
    A Tribe Called Quest - Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)
    Aaron Bingle - The Sunshine Ease Your Love
    DeVotchKa - Such a lovely thing
    Man Man - 10 lb Moustache
    DraculaZombieUSA - Bear Island
    Combustible Edison - Hot And Bothered

  7. I normally don't leave mp3s on my drive, but I've been needing to transfer stuff to work, so I've loaded up the winamp with 44 hours of music, and this is what came up:

    1. The Orchids - "I've Got A Habit"
    2. Rufus with Chaka Khan - "Ain't Nobody"
    3. Charlotte Hatherley - "Kim Wilde"
    4. Amy Grant - "Lead Me On"
    5. U.N.I. - "Flower Shirt"
    6. Joseph Arthur - "Even Though"
    7. Bel Canto - "Summer"
    8. Jory Nash - "Tangle with the Ghost"
    9. The Chi-Lites - "Stoned outta My Mind"
    10. Icehouse - "Electric Blue"

    Oh my.

  8. Scotto's Comfort Music and Comfort Radio [stream] are fab. Check them out! He turns me on to all sorts of new music.

    And that Lee there, he is a longtime oddio pro. He has Fudgeland going now, where you are sure to find audio oddities. In fact, Lee, your random 10 tracks surprised me as being less than totally bizarre. Amy Grant?

  9. Yeah! Amy Grant rocks. Well, not rocks, but she's a great songwriter. Bay City Rollers was next on the list...

  10. Bay City Rollers?! I am still in love with the Bay City Rollers and the Knack. They were two of the three pop acts I liked when I was a kid. I'm afraid readers will throw eggs, if I say the last one!

  11. It wasn't Kiss was it? ;)

    I say embrace all your guilty pleasures! I'm not ashamed of them anymore, and it's a lot more fun that way.

  12. Lee! Funny you should say that! Like where you are, it's cold here right now. You know, you dress in layers. This is TODAY's first layer. No joking!


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