09 January 2006

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What cool releases have you been listening to lately? Today I decided to post at Oddio Bloglines Clippings all the material I download. It has been sitting there since last April, and all it takes to post to it is a click. If I keep up with it, this would help me keep track of sources and to pass along recommended recordings to friends like you.

These four are not listed at that blog, but are in current circulation.

:: Umka I Bronevichok - London
Umka [pronounced Oomka] is a cutie Russian rock artist who offers most of her discography online. She has such a friendly, humorous, laidback approach to music. You honestly believe that she is completely relaxed on stage.

:: Stockfinster - All Becomes Music [Sutemos011]
From Lithuanian netlabel, Sutemos.net comes an hour of songs from Sweden billed as easy listening / electronic / ambient. Several of these Stockfinster songs grapple with death and mourning, yet are still somehow light. There are keenly human ingredients in this recording, and the samples and liner notes breathe accentuate this.

The label writes, "This is possibly the most sincere release on Sutemos which every note, every moment is pulsating with the human touch, with love and simplicity. We hope that ALL BECOMES MUSIC will be your faithful friend during calm and cozy autumn evenings."

:: Milieu - Stray Trains [EAR019]
"Milieu has a special way with making sounds unique to his style. abusing his drum lines with rigorous trips to and from old, dusty, obsolete tape decks, sipping tea, petting cats, that sort of thing. Stray Trains is a warm and pleasant listen from a happily magical Milieu." - Earstroke netlabel

Listening to this release unleashed a rush of happy memories of breakdancing with Debbie, Tommy, and Kenny to songs like Kraftwerk's "Tour de France" in the early '80s. I couldn't contain myself on the track "Paddyscapes." This hour-long release is not a typical download for me, but there are those attractive elements.

:: Samodelia - Trance [OUIM009]
One more hour of electronica. This time, the aptly named TRANCE by the group Samodelia on the Ouim netlabel in Bulgaria. Straight ahead trance, just like you would hear on Philosomatika Internet Radio¹. (Hey, Ouim just posted a new release today!)

¹ Internet radio stations come and go, but rock solid Philosomatika has been doing this around the clock since the 1990s. Highly recommended for trance that will increase your worker productivity.

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