27 June 2005

June's Tunes

This month's version of Tunes in Overplay wrapped up early. Well, considering that it covers April to June, I guess it is wrapping up kinda late, huh? The heat here is dreadful right now. Well, not the heat so much as the humidity. Ick! So if the playlist seems to make no sense at all, I blame the weather. Hope you love the music. Keep cool, baby!

26 June 2005

Live Tonight on Shirley and Spinoza Radio

Shirley & Spinoza
June 26th 2005, 8PM PST [11PM EST]
co-piloting LIVE with Otis Fodder

Calling all CADS!!, Calling all CADS!! Mr. Otis Fodder will be here again presenting his unholy audio carrying case filled with recordings of; instructions for; and celebrations of


Will this be a sexy show?

Does a sassy lady bee shake her sassy lady bee hips and go, "BZZ, BZZ"?

Last Sunday, I missed the chance to tell you Blevin Blectum had a remote set. I am so sorry, because that woman is awesome! Check out her work on her site.

Tune in to Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio now!

21 June 2005

Fizzy Phosphates

Soft Drink Jingle Jungle on Aircheck
on WFMU Thursday, June 23rd, 6pm - 7pm EST

Want a coke? Of course, the whole world does, and always did, thanks to the incessant piledriver ad campaigns that have been a part of radio and TV culture through the decades. Today we feature some highlights from amazing stream-of-consciousness collection of nonstop soda spew, released on the X-Static label a couple of years ago. Besides soda-shilling spots from the likes of the Troggs, Nancy Sinatra, Tom Jones, the Box Tops and more, there's plenty or random jingles presented in a rapid-fire production manner that makes it all into a mind-numbing blur. Prepare to have some of your deepest memories popped open.
[see also: WFMU's Ugly Summer Schedule, June 13 - October 3, 2005]

I don't get it about the fizzy sugar syrup water. Judging by what soda does to the body, it is probably best not to develop an addiction. How on Earth did the fizzy sugar water people become some of the most powerful, wealthy people in the world?

Here is an interesting little radio piece about the last of New York City's seltzer men. It is part of a series of short pieces about vanishing jobs in the Big Apple [all available in mp3].

Walter Backerman, Seltzer Man
Back in 1919, Walter Backerman's grandfather delivered seltzer by horse and wagon on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Today, Walter continues to deliver seltzer around the streets of New York. Some customers, like Mildred Blitz, have been on the family route for more than 50 years. When Walter's grandfather drove his cart there were thousands of seltzer men in the city; today Walter is one of the last.

Some soda songs to wet your whistle:

01. Pepsi Cola [via Vintage Broadcasting]
02. Ray Charles - Coca Cola [via Norman Barrington Archive]
03. The Supremes - Coca Cola [via Vintage Broadcasting]
04. Sandy Posey - Coca Cola [via Norman Barrington Archive]
05. The 5th Dimension - Coca Cola [via Norman Barrington Archive]
06. Petula Clark - Coca Cola [via Vintage Broadcasting]
07. Tequila and Squirt from Squirt soda company [via Oddio Overplay]

Soda on Comfort Stand:

01. Scotch and Soda - The Lonely Bull from the Two Zombies Later 2-CD release
02. Twizzle - Soda Fountain EP

And While on the Subject of Soda!

Mess's Fireworks in Northern Pennsylvania is home to this fully operational 7-Up machine that has been running in their family businesses for three generations.

I took this pic a few weeks ago and got the whole lowdown on the machine. It is an amazing warehouse of explosives, and they have supplied many of our out of state parties. Check them out!

20 June 2005

Call out for Submissions for New Year's Comp


That's right, you are invited to participate in a Comfort Stand Virtual New Years Eve Party that kicks off December 31st, 2005!

How do you participate you ask? Simple!

Compose and submit your version of that old traditional Scottish tune that is normally used to signify and celebrate a new year: Auld Lang Syne! Comfort Stand will be presenting a compilation of versions of Auld Lang Syne to be released on New Years Eve 2005 and we are looking for your tunes!

Any style or type of music is welcome, just put together the best version of Auld Lang Syne you can and submit it for consideration to be included in the latest Comfort Stand compilation.

More Info

Call out for Submissions for Numbers Comp

WM Recordings' Numerology Comp is still accepting submissions for a limited time. Click the pic for more info and lots of numerical coolness. This project is organized by none other than Ton who made the fab tune below for the Oddio site.

Ton Rückert - Velvetman [info]

12 June 2005

Freeform in Feed Form

WFMU's On The Download1. WFMU Podcasts are available for some of your favorite shows and some archived shows.

2. WFMU's Beware of the Blog is probably the best reason for blogs to exist. Oddiophiles will love the mp3 posts and weird recordings.

3. WFMU's On The Download collects MP3s from the fringes once a month: new sounds, obscure audio, found sound, and other sonic stimulants unique to WFMU.

- from perhaps the best station ever ever ever

Music for Your Eyes

[Tables behave strangely in Blogger.]

Annette Hanshaw - Here We Are [1929]
by: Nina Paley
Kid Koala - Fender Bender
by: Monkmus
Jaga Jazzist - Animal Chin
Ugress w Therese Vadem - Makina Fifth
[surprisingly tragic]

by: Fruitcake
Things That Don't Exist
by: Eppink, Hannon, Taite
Ugress - Manhattan Sapphire
by: Planet Earth
Girls Against Boys - Basstation
by: HC

[Tables behave strangely in Blogger.]

11 June 2005

Ken's Last Ever

Ken writes:

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (live improvised sound collage experiment?) will likely be moving from its current venue/location/form, perhaps nearly immediately.

The internet audio MP3 archives will be the only way to listen to the (past) shows for a while. There are enough shows posted there to keep you busy, and drive you slowly insane/clear/mad/enlightened/nothing for a very long time.

The "podcast" will continue to be updated, so you can leave things to chance by subscribing to that, and have some random interesting show automatically sent to your hard drive (and/or portable audio player) each week. [Subscibe]

see comments for more info

:: Update!!

Ken writes:

Listeners in Austin can continue to hear Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza on Tuesdays from 6-7pm on 91.7-FM for at least a little while longer.

These shows will be reairings of previously performed live shows (some from KOOP, some not).

No radio? No Austin? All these shows, and volumes of past shows, continue to be freely available for listening online. All can be heard at: http://counterfolk.com/lastever

Thanks again for listening.

10 June 2005

Quak! - Top Of The Pods

Phlow brings the world a fun edition of their radio show with Quak! - Top Of The Pods. The hosts for this one are Kus and Ozzy. The dialogue is in German, still non-speakers can enjoy the great releases from free netlabels. Some of my favorite recent releases are found in this program.

Hi-Fi mp3 (91.0M) | LoFi mp3 (30.4M) | Ogg Vorbis (83.8M)

Titel: "Quak!"

Moderation: Ozzy & Kus

Quak! Ui, ui, ui. Da müssen sich die beiden kölschen Jungs Marcel & mo. aber mal ganz warm anziehen. Kus und Ozzy von Starfrosch.ch schütteln ihren Podcast und hoppla, da purzeln die feinsten Netaudio-Songs aus dem Feed. Der Sound-Cocktail wird hier cool, elegant und charmant gemixt. Willkommen zum Schweizer Taschenmesser unter den Podcast-Sendungen. Also klappt Euren MP3-Player aus und lauscht dem Berner Kollektiv auf ihren Wegen von "Top-Of-The-Pods". Ich zisch mir jetzt'n Bier und lehn mich zurück. Yeeeee!, gib mir die Stromgitarre.


1. shoes - copy wrong

2. machinae supremacy - flight of the toyota

3. numbersix - secret journey

4. geistfrei - the spank

5. daredeep - fogl

6. starfrosch - don't ever come back

7. filewile - chump and run

8. rasterfahndung - pizzicato suite

9. env - down the rhodes again

10. moosefrog - you don't know it yet

11. trickform - leichten fusses

12. christian walt - after the rain [so happy that Christian has a new release on Interdisco]

13. kfog - counterpoint

09 June 2005

Open Letter to Electronic Artists

Putting together Oddio Overplay, I serve as a human filter. While listening to electronic pieces, my mind often wanders back to my childhood years with my dad. He was an electrical engineering officer in the US Navy. Due to exposure to high tones, pop could not hear high pitch sounds, such as mechanical hums and buzzes. I always felt sorry for him. Electronic artists, I ask you to please consider this in your compositions and the sounds to which you expose yourselves.