21 June 2005

Fizzy Phosphates

Soft Drink Jingle Jungle on Aircheck
on WFMU Thursday, June 23rd, 6pm - 7pm EST

Want a coke? Of course, the whole world does, and always did, thanks to the incessant piledriver ad campaigns that have been a part of radio and TV culture through the decades. Today we feature some highlights from amazing stream-of-consciousness collection of nonstop soda spew, released on the X-Static label a couple of years ago. Besides soda-shilling spots from the likes of the Troggs, Nancy Sinatra, Tom Jones, the Box Tops and more, there's plenty or random jingles presented in a rapid-fire production manner that makes it all into a mind-numbing blur. Prepare to have some of your deepest memories popped open.
[see also: WFMU's Ugly Summer Schedule, June 13 - October 3, 2005]

I don't get it about the fizzy sugar syrup water. Judging by what soda does to the body, it is probably best not to develop an addiction. How on Earth did the fizzy sugar water people become some of the most powerful, wealthy people in the world?

Here is an interesting little radio piece about the last of New York City's seltzer men. It is part of a series of short pieces about vanishing jobs in the Big Apple [all available in mp3].

Walter Backerman, Seltzer Man
Back in 1919, Walter Backerman's grandfather delivered seltzer by horse and wagon on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Today, Walter continues to deliver seltzer around the streets of New York. Some customers, like Mildred Blitz, have been on the family route for more than 50 years. When Walter's grandfather drove his cart there were thousands of seltzer men in the city; today Walter is one of the last.

Some soda songs to wet your whistle:

01. Pepsi Cola [via Vintage Broadcasting]
02. Ray Charles - Coca Cola [via Norman Barrington Archive]
03. The Supremes - Coca Cola [via Vintage Broadcasting]
04. Sandy Posey - Coca Cola [via Norman Barrington Archive]
05. The 5th Dimension - Coca Cola [via Norman Barrington Archive]
06. Petula Clark - Coca Cola [via Vintage Broadcasting]
07. Tequila and Squirt from Squirt soda company [via Oddio Overplay]

Soda on Comfort Stand:

01. Scotch and Soda - The Lonely Bull from the Two Zombies Later 2-CD release
02. Twizzle - Soda Fountain EP

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