11 June 2005

Ken's Last Ever

Ken writes:

Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza (live improvised sound collage experiment?) will likely be moving from its current venue/location/form, perhaps nearly immediately.

The internet audio MP3 archives will be the only way to listen to the (past) shows for a while. There are enough shows posted there to keep you busy, and drive you slowly insane/clear/mad/enlightened/nothing for a very long time.

The "podcast" will continue to be updated, so you can leave things to chance by subscribing to that, and have some random interesting show automatically sent to your hard drive (and/or portable audio player) each week. [Subscibe]

see comments for more info

:: Update!!

Ken writes:

Listeners in Austin can continue to hear Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza on Tuesdays from 6-7pm on 91.7-FM for at least a little while longer.

These shows will be reairings of previously performed live shows (some from KOOP, some not).

No radio? No Austin? All these shows, and volumes of past shows, continue to be freely available for listening online. All can be heard at: http://counterfolk.com/lastever

Thanks again for listening.

1 comment:

  1. Good news: The archives have just been moved to a much faster server, so it's now easier to listen to or download shows. Even with a dial-up modem, you can download a show and listen to it later. You can email me if you have trouble getting it to work.

    Many, many thanks to all the people who have been listening, responding, and participating (including all those contributing audio unwittingly). The shows seem to be really meaningful to a lot of people. I find them extremely meaningful, as well. Please feel free to try them now while they're still available online.

    Or you can just read about the shows rather than listen, if you'd like. Many of the playlists (source listings) are quite detailed. Try, for example, reading the following recent playlist, and then trying to guess (a) what the show sounds like, and (b) how that many songs, samples, and callers could possibly have been fit into a single hour. Then listen afterwards and compare to your guess:
    ("Surely Laughter Brings You Closer to the Guy")

    (A live remix of that show happened the following week, the last show I have ever done, show #368, hour #748 of radio:)
    ("Layered Laughter Brings New Closure to the Guy")

    Or you can read other people's responses to the shows. It'll be even trickier to imagine what they sound like this way:

    Thanks for listening,

    ken's last ever radio extravaganza
    podcast & audio archives: http://counterfolk.com/lastever
    | probably NO more live shows on:
    | TUESDAYS 6-7pm Central Time,
    | 91.7-FM in Austin and via internet simulcast


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