20 March 2005

Tunes in Overplay

Tunes in Overplay for March are up for the rest of the month a little early. My machine and I have viruses, and all is busy busy right now, so jumping ahead a bit there. Four weeks behind on lists, groups, email. You know how life goes.

Psyched about these sites showcased in the March Tunes in Overplay. You'll want to check them out, too. The one for the Pack shares an entire album of psychedelia, for instance. The David Fenech track is from his Demosaurus Records, which shares an interesting collection. You might already know David as David_F, excellent mp3 blogger. A couple Song Fight entries made the overplay list this month. The Terror at the Opera and R. Stevie Moore tracks are from Japanese netlabel Lost Frog, host to a catalog of similar releases.

You are bound to find some joy in the Tunes in Overplay showcases. Bon appetit.


  1. Kaiser Chiefs are topping the charts with two songs in the UK right now. When I got out of bed to eat yesterday, sick with fever, I turned on the television while I cooked. Who should appear, but the Kaiser Chiefs performing a video of the same song listed in Tunes in Overplay for March 02, 2005. Picked another winner from the SXSW catalog, I suppose.

    My favorite Tunes in Overplay winner to date is the Eagles of Death Metal. Many thanks to all who purchased their CD. I received so many calls and email messages about that CD. It is rewarding to know the site makes a difference in what people are hearing. Thanks, everyone.

  2. Katya,

    First off, consider this a virtual bowl of healthy soup and liquids! Get better gosh darn ya, Being ill just isn't healthy. Secondly, I really need to speak sincerely here. Your site has been a jumping point for many many MANY hours of interesting and extremely rewarding listens.
    You kow that wonderful "elitist" feeling a person gets when they love a band that is great but unknown to the public? The kind all the critics endorse and adore, but that never break the charts? Thanks to mp3 bloggers, the internet, and absolutely, especially YOU, I now can love these groups, and then be tired of them before the critics and reviewers even discover 'em!
    Rest up.


  3. great review of Kaiser Chiefs in the latest issue of Giant.


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