18 March 2005

Comments and Content

Hey folks, for those who read this via syndication feeds, the comments capability is enabled once more. Did it a couple weeks ago, but, shame on me, I forgot to tell you.

I do remember that I want to let you know that the Living Room has had an update. Pack a lunch and swing on by. There are even more I want to include soon.

They are popping up all over the planet. BasicHip.com started a very cool trend, eh? Bravo! Was he the first sharing old LPs? Bubblegum Machine was the first mp3 blog-style site I can remember. Who was the first you can recall?

Have yourself a happy little weekend!


  1. I see in this months Blender magazine that they reveiw a dozen or so music blogs. To be featured in such a mainstream publication must say something about how popular they are now.


  2. Aaah yes, I can leave a comment :-)

    best wishes,


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