27 June 2004

Site News and Open Invitation

Oddio Overplay is going beddy-bye for a little while to prepare for the big day when it wakes up to find it is no longer a pupa, but a butterfly. This means no new content in July.

YOU ARE INVITED to add your original songs and artwork to the celebratory CD and to be a part of the rebuild at OddioOverplay.com.

25 June 2004

365 Days Project

Remember Otis Fodder's 365 Days Project wherein he posted an audio oddity every day last year? The entire project is now hosted on UbuWeb, and can be accessed at:

Meltin' Pot

This is back in circulation. It has been playing in a loop on the road here. Thinking you just might be able to fall into this groove.

various artists - meltin' pot: seventies jazz-funk, soul-jazz and funky fusion
compiled by steve z, thessaloniki, greece

Fatboy Slim fans will want to hear track 15

I'm stuck on track 10 right now so hard that I think I will have to play HIS CD next.

21 June 2004


New site content today! The music [and antics] of Mark Harp is celebrated in this week's Featured Site. Harp is a Baltimore veteran capable of playing seemingly any genre. His imagination and experimentation bring playful joy to much of his work. Mark recently uploaded 24 solid hours of music on his site. That is in addition to that of his active bands available elsewhere on line. Prepare to be amazed!

S+S Post Script

Post Script: Older Site, Their Pics from Xinjiang (Uyghur Autonomous Region), China

From the Shirley and Spinoza Archive

Shirley and Spinoza, amazing interactive radio

Recounting Xinjiang, China travels

Arabekry Seley Music Store, Kashqar

This was the first time I'd been there. I'd just met Imam down the street, and we ended up there together, as I told him I was looking for it.

Turahun was hanging out by the window, playing the ravap almost Guitar Center-style... just hanging and jamming his heart out. He didn't mind me recording and was quite pleased to listen back. He's the ravap player on the session I recorded with the other guys a few days later. After a while, he starts up with dutar... on the second dutar track, you hear Muhammad's dad arguing about something. I have a hunch it might have been about me. I'll get Imam to transcibe the banter. If anything, these give a real sense of the scene. Music, the door's open and you hear things occuring outside, a bike bell, a scooter pass by, a kid with squeaky shoes, and of course Muhammad's pop.


Take a field trip when you tool around for more...

19 June 2004

Fun Punk Sounds from Corn Dog

Corn Doggy Dog and the Half Pound
"The band is fronted by Todd 'Zman' Zalkins. Todd is a well-known stand up comic, was the master of ceremonies of many Sublime shows and was the star of the bands video for 'Date Rape.' The Half Pound consists of members of the seminal Long Beach punk band The Falling Idols. Sublime covered their theme song, Falling Idols, bassist Randy Bradbury is currently the bass player for Pennywise, and vocalist David Quackenbush is the signer of the Vandals. Through out their two albums Corn Dog has redone many of the Falling Idols' classic songs with the blessing of David and Randy, who's names appear in the writing credits.

preview with Water, courtesy of Long Beach Records

18 June 2004

Diggin' Deeps' Soul Mix

Just played this baby again. So fantastic that I had to lay it on you again!

From DigginDeepQuartet.com
Southern Comfort Mix .:3/12/2003 .:65min 00sec

"65 Minutes of non-stop southern based Funk & Soul from some of the more popular names of the past. Includes stomping classics from ZZ Hill, James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Dyke & The Blazers, The Golden Toadstools, Denis Landry + 14 more booty shakin’ kingsters!!"

When you feel the soul bubbling up in you, catch more classic soul on Mr. Fine Wine's Downtown Soulville archived shows on WFMU and the delicious sets at SoulStrut.com.

17 June 2004

5oF sets

Where did we leave off with the 5 OR FEWER sets? These sites offer original EPs or a handful of tracks, still quite worthy of your attention.

01. LeutOhm - Fluid EP [soulful, sexy; check track 4!]
02. Drone Dimension - You Turn Me EP [Broadcast fans will enjoy]
03. Glitterhouse [sunshine pop 1966 to 1974]
04. Agustin Criollo - Maquina EP [staccato]
05. Sagor & Swing [super organ grooves]
06. Fiddelaltermolk - Middelalterfolk [sweet violin]
07. Wisconsin [are you a radiofox?]
08. Sun Mountain Fiddler [toe-tapping]
09. La Laque [le pop en français]
10. Sputnik - A Kiss May Cloud My Memory EP

15 June 2004

Ndorphin Update

Daniel at Ndorphin records wrote that the label has new releases. Judging by the little I have heard so far, they are just as fantastic as previous releases. There is even a new installment in the Anschlagdynamyk series of CDs with accompanying books. That coffee themed one was lovely. Even more proof that you can find truly fabulous music on netlabels.


G.Rag y los Hermanos Patchekos

via NetNoise: German Latin
G.Rag y los Hermanos Patchekos - Osten2000 live

preview with "La Paloma"


14 June 2004

10 June 2004

Electronica, Comrade

YaD - Live in Kemerovo [Jan 11, 2003]

This one won't make the site, because I don't know what the boys of YaD think about it. Do they want their live sets online? You may remember YaD from Oddio vol 4 Red Army Favorites.

Info about them at 56 Stuff and hear their songs "Ciao" and "Styerva [Bitch]."

09 June 2004

Allen Ginsberg performing William Blake

A musical reading by Allen Ginsberg performing William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience, the entire text of which can be read at Project Gutenberg.

Author: Allen Ginsberg
Recorded by: Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics
Source: Naropa University
Creative Commons license: Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial

Keywords: New American Poetry, beat movement, visionary poetry, music in literature, performance poetry

07 June 2004

Educational Sound Bank in Spain

"El banco de sonidos pone a su disposición recursos sonoros para su uso en el ámbito de la educación, de manera libre y gratuita. Su objetivo es estimular y facilitar el desarrollo de contenidos educativos para las diferentes etapas y niveles educativos."

Banco De Sonidos - Directorio

Four Tet - Live In Copenhagen [30 March 2004]

Label: Domino Recording Company
Release: WIGCDR1 CDR | Released: 10/04/03

Domino: "73 minutes of live Four Tet - recorded at Rust, Copenhagen, Denmark, 30 March 2004. Capturing Kieran Hebden in the midst of his Rounds tour, this frenetic live CD-R is super-limited and won't be sticking around long."

Four Tet: "The CDR is out of stock now and there are no plans for a repress so these mp3s have been put up so that you can still get a chance to hear the music if you want to. They will only be online for a few weeks though." [18 May 2004]


Thank Goodness It's Monday!

Mondays are still new content days at Oddio Overplay. This week's featured site is Weirdomusic.com. In addition to the Super Sounds up front, a new set of online collection posts awaits your eyes and ears. Here's hoping you find some happiness among them!


05 June 2004

Janis Joplin, blueswoman

Threadgills, Austin, Texas restaurant and music venue named for the late Kenneth Threadgill, the Grandfather of Austin Country Music, hosts a set of Janis Joplin singing the blues. The set was recorded in San Francisco in 1963, three years before Janis would join Big Brother and the Holding Company.

allmusic.com "The greatest white female rock singer of the 1960s, Janis Joplin was also a great blues singer, making her material her own with her wailing, raspy, supercharged emotional delivery."

Also offered is a set featuring Leon Russell, Jerry Garcia and Doug Sahm.


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