17 June 2004

5oF sets

Where did we leave off with the 5 OR FEWER sets? These sites offer original EPs or a handful of tracks, still quite worthy of your attention.

01. LeutOhm - Fluid EP [soulful, sexy; check track 4!]
02. Drone Dimension - You Turn Me EP [Broadcast fans will enjoy]
03. Glitterhouse [sunshine pop 1966 to 1974]
04. Agustin Criollo - Maquina EP [staccato]
05. Sagor & Swing [super organ grooves]
06. Fiddelaltermolk - Middelalterfolk [sweet violin]
07. Wisconsin [are you a radiofox?]
08. Sun Mountain Fiddler [toe-tapping]
09. La Laque [le pop en français]
10. Sputnik - A Kiss May Cloud My Memory EP

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