21 June 2004

From the Shirley and Spinoza Archive

Shirley and Spinoza, amazing interactive radio

Recounting Xinjiang, China travels

Arabekry Seley Music Store, Kashqar

This was the first time I'd been there. I'd just met Imam down the street, and we ended up there together, as I told him I was looking for it.

Turahun was hanging out by the window, playing the ravap almost Guitar Center-style... just hanging and jamming his heart out. He didn't mind me recording and was quite pleased to listen back. He's the ravap player on the session I recorded with the other guys a few days later. After a while, he starts up with dutar... on the second dutar track, you hear Muhammad's dad arguing about something. I have a hunch it might have been about me. I'll get Imam to transcibe the banter. If anything, these give a real sense of the scene. Music, the door's open and you hear things occuring outside, a bike bell, a scooter pass by, a kid with squeaky shoes, and of course Muhammad's pop.


Take a field trip when you tool around for more...

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