21 December 2004

December Brings Winter Music v3

continuing from earlier posts - first post, second post

:: annual holiday recordings by the Beatles for their fan club 1963-1969
brought to you by Sci-Fi Hi-Fi who state, "They’re utterly irreverent and absolutely hilarious - a perfect antidote to Christmas music burnout."

:: SeƱor Tonto's "Hooray For Santy Claus!"

:: Woos Christmas
selection of xmas songs including White Christmas live by Charlie Parker

:: Tidings of Comfort
song from staff at Comfort Stand Recordings, your favorite free netlabel

:: The MadSpaniard presents Spanish Xmas Carols

:: Bow High School Winter Holiday Concert

:: Chief Maquinna Elementary School, Vancouver BC Canada
awesome, awesome, awesome Christmas Concerts

:: Children's Psychiatric Hospital Christmas Concert at Vinyl Orphanage

:: the playlist of winter songs still grows

:: Remember to check these sites for rotating treasures

:: Almost Forgot! V/Vm Christmas classics from De Strangers, Arthur Daley / Terry McCann and Rocco Granata

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