03 July 2013

Sylvain Rifflet

Last summer, composer and reed multi-instrumentalist Sylvain Rifflet and his group Alphabet released a remarkable album simply titled Alphabet. The Free Jazz Collective review states that among the bounty of great albums released last year,  there are few "that contain compositions and performances possessing the conviction, immediacy, and joie de vivre of Alphabet."

Sylvain Rifflet shares his album Alphabet with you on his website. Also, preview and purchase the album at Amazon.

Personnel: Sylvain Rifflet - compositions, saxophone, clarinets, computer, toy instruments, electronics; Joce Mienniel - flutes, computer, toy instruments, electronics; Benjamin Flament - vibraphone, percussion, electronics; Philippe Gordiani - guitars.

New group, New Compositions, New Sounds: Sylvain Rifflet Introduces Alphabet
Alphabet is a mix of all his influences, from acoustic to electronic music, from pop-rock to contemporary music, from Tom Waits to Cliff Martinez alongside Steve Reich or Phillip Glass.

The review at All About Jazz reports that the album:
... presents an ensemble using electronics, sound manipulation, minimalism, classical ideals, film score suggestions, trance music—and, yes, jazz—as the "basic elements" that lead to the "complex entities" that are his compositions.

Rifflet's pieces can best be viewed as hypnotic sound collages for quartet. While no two numbers sound the same, Rifflet does revel in the opportunity to create balance between change and consistency throughout.... While it takes a track or two to acclimate to Rifflet's world, it proves to be a wonderful place to visit once the ear has made its adjustment.
Sylvain Rifflet's next album is dedicated to the music of Moondog!

Music License: © All Rights Reserved
Artist Location: Paris, France

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