29 July 2013

Ail Fionn

At the heart of Ail Fionn are Matthew on saz, a 7-string Turkish instrument, and Inge on mandolin. This album of dreamy, semi-improvised, psych folk songs was recorded with friends at the Higher Grow Studio in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.


Keywords: mandolin; saz; baglama; drone; droning; acoustic; atmospheric; folk; free psych-folk; free psychfolk; free psych folk; freeform; improv; improvisation; improvisational; improvisatory; improvised; improvising; jam; jamming; lofi; lo-fi; organic; other; psychedelia; psychedelic; psychfolk; psych-folk; space; spacey; spontaneous; modal; elf; elven; fairy; faery; pixie; Sint-Niklaas; Flanders; Vlaanderen; celtic; Irish; Irish trad; Irish traditional; traditional Irish; Irish folk; Ireland; Cornwall; Cornish; Cornish folk; Cornish traditional; traditional Cornish; traditional; Sweden; Swedish; Swedish folk; Swedish traditional; traditional Swedish

Music License: © CC BY-NC-SA
Image: Inge traveling in France at the time with mules and a wagon built by Matthew, original here

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