03 May 2013

Sound Interpretations Series

The adventurous avant-garde HAZE netlabel has a series of compilations titled Sound Interpretations by contemporary composers and experimental sound artists. Each compilation is inspired by and dedicated to the brilliance of an outstanding 20th century writer.

HAZE writes, "In this project we propose to rethink literary heritage of the 20th century. Over the 2012-2013 years, each month we will release the compilation dedicated to the 12 most outstanding writers of the 20th century."

The most recent collection is dedicated to Jack Kerouac. The eight earlier editions celebrate Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, James Joyce, Stephen King, Albert Camus, William Gibson, Franz Kafka, and Julio Cortazar.

There are gems in every collection. Here is an example from the Kafka collection, Kafkaesque Orchestra - Letters to Milena [mp3, 03:04].

Location: Belarus
Music License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

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