18 May 2013

Second Volume of Popular Ambient Album

Last year, Canadian recording artist, CBC radio technician and producer, and independent label operator Lee Rosevere released Time-Lapse: Volume 1, ambient minimal electronic reworkings of classical works.

Now, Rosevere has released Time Lapse: Volume 2, a set of his own long-form ambient compositions. These new works are "intended for meditation or just relaxing to," according to the Happy Puppy Records label on which the work is released.

By the end of track four, "Squinting at the Sun," listeners at Oddio Overplay headquarters reported feeling relaxed and at peace. If we can pipe this into global political and financial institutions, perhaps this album will save the world.

Enjoy both of the instrumental Time Lapse albums at:

Free Music Archive - Volume 1 | Volume 2
Internet Archive - Volume 1 | Volume 2

Music License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
Artist Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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