22 May 2013

Planet Hopping Week: Brazilian: Various Artists

Continuing on our globe-trotting adventure, stop four on our Planet Hopping Week is Brazil.

Contemporary composer Aldo Brizzi wrote the music for Brizzi do Brasil, an album of songs written for Brazilian and Portuguese artists, such as Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Teresa Salgueiro of Madredeus, and Carlinhos Brown. 

Italian born Brizzi lives in Salvador Bahia. He writes:
The original idea that inspired this recording was to write a musical based on the libretto of the Mexican poet Francisco Serrano, a story about Orpheus who descends into hell, and who, instead of meeting Eurydice, encounters Alice in Wonderland.

I prepared four demo songs for the producers of the project, and these were a bit removed from the usual projects for which I’m known. I proposed the idea to Alan Foix, director of a studio in Paris which received subvention from the Ministry of French Culture, and he became enthusiastic about the project. From him I obtained space and support to record some pieces. It was during the World Cup in France, and the presence of many Brazilian artists in Paris helped.
The original release of the album, Brizzi do Brasil, is available for free download at last.fm, and the reissue is available for purchase from the usual music sources

Music License: all rights reserved
Artist Location: Brazil; Italy

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