03 April 2013

Slowfoot Label Sampler

Slowfoot is a South London, England record label exploring "the boundaries between popular and experimental music."

"There really aren’t that many labels around that will smash you with shards of electro bolshiness one minute, soothe you with tuba loops the next and then allow you to fully embrace the jazz fiend inside moments later; but Slowfoot manage it and it make it seem like the most normal thing ever". ~ Oli Marlow, Rock a Rolla

"Slowfoot Records is fast becoming one of England's foremost purveyors of essential experimental soundscapes, putting out records that utilise wildly innovative recording processes to make future-music built on the recognisable foundations of genres such as jazz, dub and electronica." ~ experimusic

In exchange for an email address, Slowfoot will give you this recent 14-track label sampler.

license: all rights reserved

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